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Sky Sports F1

Sky Sports F1 Streaming

The Sky Sports Formula 1 channel is the home of F1 in the UK and Ireland. Featuring action from every session of every race along with lots of special features and extra, the coverage of Formula 1 has never been better.

Unfortunately, it has never been more expensive to watch as the move to Sky Sports has meant long term and expensive subscriptions for fans but that is no longer the case. You can now watch the Sky Sports Formula 1 channel live online via the Sky TV Sky Sports F1 streaming service and only pay for the races you want to watch.

With Sky TV you can pay just for the F1 channel.

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F1 Streaming

The good news is that there is a new way to watch Sky Sports F1 channel and all from the comfort of your own pc/mac or even on your phone/tablet and of course on your tv.

How To Watch Live Sport

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Step 2: Choose your package

Step 3: Complete the simple registration page, pay and follow instructions on how to watch

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Watch Formula 1

There are some months when the races come at you quickly with back to back races so why not take in a month pass and maximise the Formula 1 race value. No matter what your choice, Sky TV have the perfect offer for you.

Formula 1 is a unique sport where it is as much about all of the technical attributes of the cars as it is the on-track racing and that creates a unique fan base. Unfortunately for too long F1 fans have had to subscribe to a general Sky Sports package which means you are paying for sports you have no interest in watching. Then there is the long off season and the summer break when you are still having to pay for your subscription.

Thankfully all of that has now gone as you can pay for just the races you want to watch via our Sky Sports F1 live streaming partners.

From the glitz and glamour of Monaco to the high speeds of spa and from the home favourite Silverstone to new tracks across the world, Formula 1 is one of the most popular sports in the UK and now it is available to everyone at a low one of cost.

No matter if you are a Ferrari fan, a Mercedes fan or a Red Bull fan, watch the F1 races you want to watch live and legally online.

No longer do you need to find and illegal stream and live in fear of your passwords, card details and bank accounts been hacked, all of the live streaming partners on bring you 100% legal live streaming of Formula 1.

Is It Legal and Safe?

Many websites bring you illegal streams of Sky Sports and whilst you may feel that this is isn’t a problem, you may be interested to know that these websites are constantly having to find ways to evade been shut down and all of that takes time and money. To make it worthwhile the majority of these sites have no problem installing viruses, Trojans and other nasty’s on to your computer, all of which can cost you £1000’s.

We bring you the best action available to watch via SKY TV as well as streams of sporting action from the leading online bookmakers who have agreements in place with leading sports organisations to show live sporting events in the hope that you will place a bet on the action as you watch. There is no requirement to do so, but you do need to register with the website.

What Can We Watch?

With the Sky Sports F1 channel you can watch each and every practise session, every qualifying session and every race live or just pick and choose the session and race days you want to watch.

The Sky Sports F1 service is a must watch for any motorsport fan and especially for any Formula 1 fan. From Friday practise days to Qualifying on Saturday right through to the big race itself on Sunday- SkySports Formula One brings you all of the action form every race weekend and lot’s of pre-race and post-race programming to make you get the full picture of every race.

Watch Sky Sports F1 online via our Formula One live streaming partners and only pace for the sessions and races you want to watch. No longer do you have to pay ongoing monthly subscriptions even if you are away or during the off season.

You can watch just a race, a whole race weekend or pay an ongoing monthly subscription throughout the season to watch each and every F1 race weekend and then simply stop paying during the long winter off season.

If you are looking for a Sky Sports F1 stream, you are in the right place

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