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Welcome to the home of 100% Legal live sports streaming. Watch live sport online via our live sports streaming partners.

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Here at we show you what live sport action is available to watch online, where you can watch it and how to watch it all with or guarantee that the websites we feature that show the very best sporting action via live streaming online are 100% Safe, 100% Legal and 100% Live.

Watch everything from Premier League Football to Super League Rugby, Grand Slam Tennis to the NFL. Here at, you can watch all of your favourite live sport action.

Live Sports Streaming

Live Streaming Services

Here are our top 10 sport streaming service that offer 100% legal live streams of great sporting action. For full details click on review

Bet365 *Football
*US Sports
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Coral *Football
*Horse Racing
Registration and deposited account needed You Must Be Aged 18 Years Old and Over WATCH NOW (18+ #ad)
SkyTV *Premier League
*Scottish Premiership
*Super League
*Formula 1
Watch live online via Sky Go and on your tv with SkySports You Must Be Aged 18 Years Old and Over WATCH NOW (18+ #ad)

Legal Live Streaming

So what do we mean when we say legal live streaming? Well if you have been looking for live streaming of sporting action over the internet you are sure to have come across a number of websites that are full of adverts, ask you to allow pop ups and tell you that your flash is out of date!

If you have been on these sites you will know that there are a number of issues with them from the moral (they simply stream from Sky TV etc. which is illegal) to the downright dangerous (thy need to make money somehow and that tends to be by putting nasty computer viruses onto your device/computer).

So How Is Different?

The simple answer is that we partners with lading bookmakers who offer live streaming in the hope that you will place a bet on the action. The good news is that you don’t need to place a bet and you will need to register..

These bookmakers have signed agreements with leading sports competitions to bring you the action so it is 100% legal.

How Can I watch the Live Sports You Feature?

To watch the action simply click on the Watch Now link for the match or event you would like to watch or to sign up and get access to all of the live sports featured on this website, visit our live streaming partners and click on ‘Live Streaming’.

Sports Stream

With more and more sports only featuring on paid TV stations in the UK, it’s no surprise that more and more people are looking for sports streams. Our sport streams bring you live action from around the world with much of the sport on TV also available to watch live via our live streaming partners.

Watching live sport online has never been simpler as you no longer need to run the risk of infecting your computer with illegal stream as everything from football to tennis and rugby to cricket can be watch live online, 100% safely and 100% legally. All you need to do is register with our live streaming partners and follow the onsite links for how to watch the action live.

Here at, we preview all of the major upcoming matches and sporting events, tell you where and how you can watch the sporting event live and give you all of the information you need to make the process as simple as possible.

With the opportunity to watch sport live on free-to-air tv getting less and less and with the cost of pay tv subscriptions getting more and more, and of course more subscriptions to more services needed, sport fans are doing it tough at the moment.

Thankfully their is a way around it and their is still the chance to watch sport live and only pay for what you want to watch or to even watch it for all but nothing.

We all love sport and we know that been in the stadium or arena live is the best way to watch any sport but that just isn’t always possible. 2nd best is of course watching live footage from the match and that is exactly what you can do via our live streaming partners. Although live streaming of sports used to have a bad reputation, the sheer volume of sporting events and the quality of major streams that can be watch legally online has removed some of the stigma surrounding live sports streaming and here at, we are at the forefront of safe and legal live streaming of sports.

Watch Sport

Nothing quite beats sport for entertainment, excitement and for drawing you in but there is al no denying that when sport is at it’s best, it is live.

That is why companies pay so much to bring you live sports via there tv, radio and streaming service but the huge sums involved also means that companies are having to be much more flexible in how they allow you to stream live sports and that is great news for all live sports fans.

To make sure that companies get the maximum amount of eyes on their product, you can now watch live sport online without the need for an expensive subscription service.

Here at SportsStream we show you how to live stream sports including everything from Premier League football to Formula 1 and from Rugby to NFL can be watch live for a 1 off low cost price whilst top sports can be watched live online via bookies.

Everything from top flight football, including Serie A, La Liga, Ligue 1 and the Bundesliga to Cricket, Darts, Tennis and more can be watched live online and all you need is a funded account (and to be aged 18+) with a choice of bookmakers or to watch live stream sports online via a pay to watch service that bring you live sport streaming UK.

So whilst that may not make it easy to watch live sports free online, you can watch it for almost next to nothing and for a 1 off fee with no ongoing costs and of course subscription free.

Watching live sport online has never been simpler and perhaps more importantly, it has never been safer as you no longer need to risk watching via illegal streams as there are simply so many great value sports streams available for all sports fans and of course, we here at, bring you all of the info you need on where you can watch the very best live sporting action online via live sports streaming UK providers.

Enjoy the best sporting action from across the globe and never miss your favourite team again as you can now live stream sports online every single day of the year.

Watch Live Sports Online

If you are looking to watch live sports online, you will more than likely be in for a frustrating experience as we are sure that many of you are aware.

Sport is, almost always has been and will likely continue to be, the most popular form of entertainment across the world and in an era of on demand everything, sport remains best watched and most popularly watched live.

Unfortunately sports and the rights owners to sporting coverage know that fact and know all too well that people are willing to pay to be able to watch the live sport action that they are wanting to watch.

As with most things in life, it is completely fair that people get paid for the work that they do but the rights are owned by huge corporations who not only want a fair return but they want to squeeze as much as possible out of fans.

That means those wanting to watch live sports have to not just pay for what they want to watch but they have to pay for lots more as well, with Premier League right well overpriced, fans of over sports also have to pay towards that league and fans are almost forced into not just signing up to the live sports that they want but to sports they do not want and services (such as phone lines, mobile contracts, broadband etc etc) that they do not want.

As well as rights owners taking advantage of sports fans, criminals are also waiting to take advantage of more and more fans looking to watch live sports online by offering free live sports streams but these can often come at an even higher cost as these streams contain everything from spyware to trojans.

That can then lead to not just things such as usernames and passwords been stolen from you but also things such as banking details and credit/debit card details.

Thankfully, these 2 things are starting to be recognised by sporting leagues and competitions as well as rights owners and there are now more and more ways to watch sport online, both live and on demand, including all of the great sport live streaming services found on this page that bring you live sport streaming UK.

Some sport streaming services ask for a small upfront fee where you can then watch just the sport that you want to watch or they allow you to live stream sport for free but in the hope that you use some of their other services.

Many of these are online bookmakers that allow you to watch the sport that you be ton or on sport that they hope that you will bet on and whist you do need to be aged 18 or over and have a funded account to be able to watch sports online via the streaming services of the online bookmakers that we feature on this website, you can watch lots of great sports all year around via the live sports streaming UK providers we feature.

Watch Live Sport In The UK

Live Sport Streaming UK
Here in the United Kingdom, there are many sports that have huge following including the likes of Football, Rugby League, Rugby Union, Tennis, Cricket, Darts, Formula 1 and top US Sports.

Aside from US Sports and Tennis, much of that great support comes from the dominance of UK teams or of players from GB and a lot of that comes down to the huge finances that can be found across the UK sporting landscape.

Whilst there are a lot of reasons for that, much of it comes down to the fact that sporting fans across England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland are willing to pay large sums to watch their favourite sport(s) on television but it is fair to say that the tide has started to turn in that regard.

Fans are now starting to get fed up with costs going up and up and up for the service that they have whilst their favourite players, competitions and sports are now been featured across more and more subscription services.

That in turn leads to fans needing to take out more and more subscriptions, with higher costs involved and whist spots seemingly got away with that mistreatment of their supporters, fans are now starting to fight back.

Thankfully, it is no longer the case that expensive and ongoing subscriptions to pay tv channels are the only way to watch live sports in the UK live and legally as there is now a growing live sport streaming UK array of providers that allow you to watch live sport online and via your favourite device.

Stream sport in the UK via the great sport streaming services found on this site and be sure of a safe experience where you only watch legal live streams of top sporting action from across the world including the top UK sport.

Have no worries about been infected with trojans, viruses and malware or worry about been found to be breaking the law as all of the live stream services that we feature are 100% safe, 100% secure and 100% legal to use as they are providers who have paid for the right to show you live sport in the UK.

Whilst some bring you the sport with the need of a small subscription, some allow you to watch the action for free- so long as you meet any requirement such as having a funded account, been aged 18 or over or by having placed a bet on the action (which is a requirement of some of the online streaming services of the online bookmakers that we feature).

For full details of what can be watched and how you can watch- please follow the links to sports found on this page or use the search box found at the top of this page.

Sports Streaming UK
If you are looking for sports streaming UK, you are in the right place as we bring you the best live streaming services for sport from across the globe

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