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BT Sports

BT Sports Stream
BT Sports may be a new channel on the pay tv landscape but they have made huge strides including snapping up some top sporting events, league and competitions including top football and rugby union.
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BT Sports Streaming

The good news is that there is a new way to watch 1000’s of major sporting events each and year and all from the comfort of your own pc/mac or even on your phone/tablet.


How To Watch Live Sport

Step 1: Click here to sign up to 18+(A funded account/deposit is needed) (If you already have an account go to step 2

Step 2: Click on the sport you want to watch, found at the left hand side of the page, in the darker area for desktops or at the top of the page on mobile devices.

Step 3: Find the match that is of interest to you and so long as a square with a > symbol appears, you can watch live.

Step 4: Click on the text stating the match (on the left hand side) and then on the play symbol to watch along live.

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Please note: Geo-restrictions do apply, a funded account and/or bet placed 24 hours prior to game is required for access.

Watch BT Sports

Unfortunately, they have also had to pay some incredible sums to snap up these top sports which of course has been passed on to customers.

That has meant those with subscriptions to other pay tv channels cannot access the sports that BT Sport feature without a further out lay or it has meant sports fans have had to swop over to BT sport by whether paying additional subscriptions or by signing up to long term bundle packages.

For those without the extra disposable funds needed to access BT Sports or for those simply unwilling to pay, there is another option and that is by watching the sport featured on BT Sport via online services such as our live streaming partners and their incredible live streaming service.

Sport such as leading European football, top flight Rugby Union, USA sports (including MLB Baseball, NBA Basketball and NHL Ice Hockey) and more are all available and 100% legal our live streaming partners.

Is It Legal and Safe?

Many websites bring you illegal streams of BT Sports and whist you may feel that this is isn’t a problem, you may be interested to know that these websites are constantly having to find ways to evade been shut down and all of that takes time and money. To make it worthwhile the majority of these sites have no problem installing viruses, Trojans and other nasty’s on to your computer, all of which can cost you £1000’s.

We feature streams of sporting action from the leading online bookmakers who have agreements in place with leading sports organisations to show live sporting events in the hope that you will place a bet on the action as you watch. There is no requirement to do so, but you do need to register with the website.

What Can We Watch?

There are 1000’s and 1000’s of events each year including football and Rugby Union from leading leagues to beach volleyball and everything in-between.

Just about very top sporting club or sports star can be watched.

Popular sports include:

Football | Rugby League | Rugby Union | Tennis

How Can We Watch?

To watch all of this great action all that you need is a our live streaming partners account. For details click here, or to sign up visit our live streaming partners here

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