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Watch Live Football

Football Live Streaming
There is nothing quite like watching football matches live and now thanks to you can watch 1000’s of football matches live on your pc via live streaming.

With football been so popular all around the world you can almost guarantee that there will be a game of football somewhere happening in the world at any given time and the chances are that if there are TV cameras at the game- the game will be streamed online.

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Live Football On TV

Here at we bring you a wide range of Football from around the world including domestic league action, cup matches and even international matches.

Where can I watch?

Here are the live streaming websites where you can watch Football matches live

Football Live Streaming Services
Bet365 *La Liga
*Serie A
*Ligue 1
*FA Cup
Registration and funded account needed You Must Be Aged 18 Years Old and Over WATCH NOW (18+ #ad)
Coral *La Liga
*Serie A
*Ligue 1
*FA Cup
Registration and funded account needed You Must Be Aged 18 Years Old and Over WATCH NOW (18+ #ad)

What is Available to Watch?

From major European leagues to cup competitions, internationals to continental cup games, the choice of football available to watch legally online is incredible and continues to grow.

Major Leagues/ Competitions

Live Soccer Streaming

100% Legal

If you have been looking for live streams of football for more than 5 minutes you are sure to have been sent to a number of websites offering illegal streams. These are a big no no as aside from the moral issues (it’s basically stealing) these websites need to make money and if they are offering you the feeds, they make money by using a variety of dodgy methods from links to adult websites and illegal websites to even uploading malware, Trojans and over nasty’s to your computer.

In really it isn’t worth the hassle.

Live football streaming has been given a bad reputation from these sort of sites and that is why we only offer 100% legal live football streaming.

Football Quiz

So How is different?

It’s simple we partner with websites who are not only 100% safe but also offer there feeds 100% legally!

What To Watch?

The great news for fans is that due to the huge popularity of football, it is the national sport after all, there is very little that cannot be watched legally via the live streaming services that we feature here at

British Football

The most popular has to be the Premier League and with more and more matches shown live on tv, the great news is that that means that there are more and more matches that can be watched live online.

If you are only a fan of UK football, you are in luck as pretty much every professional team and competition is covered via our football streaming partners.

As well as the aforementioned Premier League, you can also watch live EFL Cup, FA Cup, Championship, League One and League Two matches from the UK including the play-offs from the EFL. There is also one match from each round of the National League shown.

Scottish fans can watch action from the Scottish Premiership and the Scottish Cup.

International Football

International fans will be pleased to know that the majority of international friendlies and qualifiers are shown live via our live football streaming partners including many matches featuring the Home Nations of England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland and Wales.

European Football

If European Football is your favourite, then our live football streams have you covered.

No matter if your favourites is La Liga from Spain, the Bundesliga from Germany, Serie A from Italy, Ligue 1 from France or any of the other professional leagues across Europe, the vast majority of matches can be watched live via our live football streams.

With 1000’s and 1000’s of matches been shown each and every year, there is always a must watch to watch via legal live streaming.

Rest of the World

If world football is your thing, matches from the MLS in America, the A League from Australia, the J League from Japan as well as most major leagues and tournaments from South America, Asia and even some from Africa can be watched.

Our live football streaming feature everything from the top European leagues and cups to International qualifiers, tournaments and friendlies.

Portuguest Football

The Portuguese league features iconic teams such as Porto; Benfica and Sporting Lisbon fans of Italian teams such as AC Milan, Juventus and Inter Milan are always full of great players.

Other countries with action available include the MLS from America, Argentina, Dutch Eredivisie and Cup, French Ligue 1 and the German Bundesliga.

How Can You Watch?

All you need to do is sign up with one of our football live streaming partners. From pay per watch services to online bookmakers which you need a deposited account, it has ever been simpler to watch football live online.

To watch football live, choose from:

Football Live Streaming Services

Bet365 *La Liga
*Serie A
*Ligue 1
*FA Cup
Registration and funded account needed You Must Be Aged 18 Years Old and Over WATCH NOW (18+ #ad)
Coral *La Liga
*Serie A
*Ligue 1
*FA Cup
Registration and funded account needed You Must Be Aged 18 Years Old and Over WATCH NOW (18+ #ad)

Watch Football

If you are looking to live stream football, you are in the right place. Here at we bring you a wide range of streams for football all year round.

Via our live stream partners you can live stream football featuring major teams from the very best football leagues.

Here is the United Kingdom we are in the great position to have some of the best football in the world right on our doorstep.

Football in the UK

Not only do the majority of us live within a short drive of watching a Premier League, one of the world’s leading football leagues and home to many of the world’s biggest stars, match live in person but we also have easy access to the Championship, the English 2nd tier that rivals the best in Europe for quality, history, prestige and crowds and we also have the Scottish Premiership which is home to iconic teams such as the Old Firm rivals of Glasgow Celtic and Glasgow Rangers as well as household names such as Hearts, Hibs and Aberdeen.

With that much top action found on the British Isles, it is perhaps no surprise that the main focus of the media, both online and in print and television companies dedicated the majority of their coverage to these top competition, with even the 3rd and 4 tiers of the professional game in England and top flight matches in Wales and Northern Ireland / Republic of Ireland often not get much, if any, of a look in.

Global Game

The sport of football is arguably the 1 true global sport as whilst the likes of Cricket, Tennis and Rugby League have huge followings around the world, it is only the sport of football that has professional domestic competitions in just about every country.

With so much action happening in all 4 corners of the world, it will come as no surprise that much of the best action happens outside of Britain and even outside of the sports heartlands of Europe and South America.

That has led to many fans of the sport watching scraps of action from across the world but now there is no need to struggle to find highlights of football or to find clips on social media as you can now pick and choose to watch football live from competitions, tournaments and events held across the globe on a daily basis.

Top Competitions

From the top competitions of La Liga (Spain), the Bundesliga (Germany), Serie A (Italy) and Ligue 1 (France) in Europe and the Primera Division (Argentina) and Serie A (Brazil in South America to the emerging markets of the A League (Australia), J League (Japan), K league (South Korea) Major League Soccer (MLS, USA) and the Super League (China), there is lots of great action to watch and best of all, it has never been easier to watch live football online via the football lives stream services found on this page.

Watch Your Team Live

Maybe your favourite team have just signed a player from another league and you now want to see who the next stars of that competition are or maybe your favourite player has just left your team and you want to follow them live playing for their new club in a new competition, you can and now it is a simple as logging onto your computer, phone, laptop or desktop.

If you do decide to watch football live via the great live streaming services of the online bookmakers found on this page, you will need to be aged 18 or over and have a funded account but you can then watch live football from across the globe, all season long and on a daily basis via their live football streaming UK streams.


Over here in the United Kingdom, across Europe and many other parts of the world it is Association Football that is the dominant code of football and so it is often simply referred to as football.

In some emerging markets, the sports we know as football was late to the party and other football codes had become the dominant force and there were the sport simply known as football.

That led to a new name needed in these places, such as Australia, where Rugby League Football is the dominant code and the United States of America, where American Football is the dominant code, and it was the name soccer that developed as the name of choice and it now a name used for the sport in any countries and it is now often used in established markets, such as the UK, as an informal name for the sport.

So no matter if you know the wonderful sport that pits 11 players against 11 players in the hope out scoring more goals than their opposition by the name of football or soccer, you can watch live action from across the globe on a daily basis via great live footy streams UK.

Stream Soccer

Stream soccer live via the great soccer live stream UK providers we feature on this very page.

Footy is often thought of as the sport of the people in the countries where it has its longest history and where it is the national sport.

From England, Scotland, Germany, Italy, France and Spain in Europe to Brazil, Argentina, and Colombia in the Americas, footy is simply a way of life but unfortunately that is often taken for granted by sporting authorities and taken advantage of by media companies and television networks.

Avoid Pay TV Subscriptions

That has led to the situation across the globe where footy maybe still the sport of the people but watching the football is the sport of the rich.

From ticket prices going up and up and up in price to not just the move of television coverage going to pay tv channels that demand more and more money in subscription fees but now fans are having to deal with their teams been featured on numerous subscription channels and stream providers that allow you to watch via live footy streams UK.

Fans are therefore expected to take up numerous subscriptions, buy expensive tickets and still splash out on merchandise just to be able to follow their club play the sport that they love but thankfully there is now a new wave of expensive of ways to watch football from across the globe, which is starting to buck the trend and drive down the price of watching football live.

Watch Footy Online

If you are a footy fan looking to watch football live online, the great news is that we bring you a wide rang of fantastic football live stream providers who allow you to watch top quality football from leagues and cup competitions across the globe, including domestic action, European across and football from further afield.

If you do decide to watch one of the soccer streams offered by the online bookmakers that we feature on this page, you will need to be aged 18 or over and have a funded account but you can then watch soccer live online all season long and best of all you can pick and choose to watch the soccer matches that you want to watch.

Far to often we simply have to watch what is chosen for live coverage on the tv service that we subscribe to, which can be hugely frustrating for fans especially if a match with nothing riding on it is chosen for coverage whilst your favourite team are involved in the most important match of the season.

When you stream football live online, you are in charge of what you watch as you simply choose from the many games that are offered live by the live football streaming UK providers we feature that bring you soccer live stream UK.

Live Football Streaming UK

Live Football Streaming UK
With the sport been the national sport in the United Kingdom, it is no surprise that television companies are willing to pay vast sums of money to show footy live, but that cost is then passed onto us supporters.

That unfortunately see’s many supporters missing out on their own clubs matches or having to choose to watch only their club and missing out on the other teams, competitions and matches that are of interest to them.

With that in mind, it is also not too surprising that so many of us are looking for live football streaming in the UK and the great news is that there is now a growing number of soccer live stream UK services.

If you decide to watch via one of the live football streams that are found on this page, you have access to not just live streams of UK football but stream of football from across Europe and the world.

No longer do you need to make the choice of watching your team or the biggest up coming match- you can now enjoy both.

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