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New York City Live Streaming
New York City Live Streaming

New York City Football Club are a professional football team based in the American city of New York and part owned by Manchester City and the New York Yankees.

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As a new expansion team in the MLS (Major League Soccer), New York City have used the funding from both teams and the contacts of Manchester City to attract some big names to the city including former Spain international David Villa, former Italy international Andrea Pirlo and England’s own Frank Lampard.

New York City Live Streaming

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The club had plans to move into a purpose built football stadium but with opposition from locals to their plans the club are based out of the New York Yankees iconic Yankee Stadium.

The club have started to develop a large supporter following and with the ability to attract big names and the top coaches, the club are sure to enjoy success in the seasons to come.

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Following the MLS in the UK can be difficult for fans and just because of the time zone differences but because of the lack of availability when it comes to British tv channels but now you can watch all of the action live online via our MLS live stream partners.

Best of all, if you are a fan of New York City, you can watch every NYCFC match live and as they are based on the east coast of the US, often there matches are at prime time kick offs.

As part of City Football Group, owners of Manchester City amongst others, New York City have an inbuilt fan club in the UK and a lot of people who may have interest in the sister club of their favourite team but the club also has a number of fans due to the big name signings they have made and also because of New York is a city so many of us have been to visit.

Despite only been established in 2013, NYCFC have already developed a large and passionate fanbase, which has seen them given a number of nicknames including The Pigeons, The Blues, The Bronx Blues and The Boys in Blue.

As you may have guessed from the links to Manchester City and the nicknames above, the clubs main playing are light blue for home and dark blue for away- which matches the colours of the New York Yankees.

The club have also developed a relatively strong rivalry with the New York Red Bulls, who whilst called New York are actually based in New Jersey. Matches between the 2 sides are given the moniker of the Hudson River Derby.

The club have made a number of big name signings almost every season they have been in existence starting with one of their first singings, the Spanish international and World Cup winner David Villa.

Another early signing by the club was former England international Frank Lampard as well as ex Italian international Andrea Pirlo.

Other big name shave included Jack Harrison, Maximiliano Morale, Jesus Medina, Gary Mackay-Steven, Heber and Alexandru Mitrita.

The club have struggled for consistency both on the field and off of the field with a high turnover in both the playing and coaching rosters.

That has led the club to under-perform when you consider the vast sums of money ploughed into the club and the connections that the club owners have.

The club have however developed a reputation for free-flowing and exciting football although that was mostly down to the coaching of then head coach Patrick Viera but with fans now expecting type of football, there is every chance of the club continuing to excite in what is already a high scoring and attack focused league.

One big problem that they have in that regard is having to play out of Yankee Stadium where not only is the pitch very small and narrow but it also has the opposite of the baseball field appearing in the middle of the pitch.

Clashes with baseball, which has precedent, is also an issue with the club having to move many home games to neutral venues. This has been a big problem in matches are arranged at short notice, including Cup and Play-off matches, which are of course amongst the most important for the club.

The positive news for their fans over here in the United Kingdom and across the globe but especially for those fans based in the New York metropolitan region is the club have advanced plans to move stadiums to a soccer specific one which should help with attendances and atmosphere at matches.

Another positive but this time for fans on this side of the Atlantic is that it has never been easier to watch NYCFC live with each and every New York City MLS match available to watch online via our NYCFC live stream partners.

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