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The Prva HNL (Prva Hrvatska Nogometna Liga) is the top flight football competition in Croatia and features such iconic teams as Dinamo Zagreb and Hajduk Split who have dominated the competition ever since its inception in 1992.

If you are wanting to watch football from Croatia, it has never been simpler. All of the best action is available to watch live online via our Croatian football live stream partners.
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Croatia Prva HNL

The Prva HNL also acts as the main European qualifying method for Croatian clubs with the team finishing top qualifying for the Champions League, the runner up and 3rd placed team (alongside the winner of the Croatian Cup) qualify for the Europa League.

In recent seasons Croatian teams, especially Dinamo Zagreb, have once again started to make waves in Europe by qualifying for the Europa League and Champions proper which has led to not only an increase the Croatian coefficient but also in interest in the Prva HNL league.

Unfortunately for those based in the UK with an interest in the Prva HNL it has been near enough impossible to watch footage from the tournament especially league games but thankfully thanks to and the internet you can now watch matches from the Prva HNL !

Prva HNL Live Streaming

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How To Watch Croatian Football

If you want to watch football from Croatia, all you need to do if choose one of these PRVA HNL live stream providers.

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Croatian Football

The Prva HNL arose from the dissolution of the Yugoslav First League in 1991 and it took quite some time for the competition to settle down as it underwent many changes in the first few years.

In the competition first ever season, in 1992, there were only 12 teams who participated in a shortened season held between February and June but the cession was quickly taken to expand the league with 16 teams started the Croatian topflight in the next edition.

The next season saw the league expand to 18 although that quickly reduced back to 16 sides as the league struggled to find its feet and perfect set up.

In 1997, the league went back down to 12 teams and included a new format of splitting the teams into groups of 6 after the opening round of matches between the sides, with a Championship group battling it out over the title and a relegation zone battling it out to avoid the drop.

That lasted until 1999, when the teams simply played each other 3 times a season. This new format lasted until 2016 when the league expanded to 16 sides once more.

Change was back on the cards in 2012 when the league dropped back down to 12 sides, before dropping down to 10 in 2013.

The league has remained relatively settled since then and with the league at its smallest since its inception, there is now more of a focus on the quality of the league rather than the quantity as it is a league that struggled for finances despite have many well supported teams.

As with the majority of football leagues around the world and especially throughout Europe, the majority of the league’s most successful clubs come form the big cities in Croatia and it I those big city teams that have the biggest fanbases, the biggest stadiums and that in turn allows them to buy the best players.

With finances tight throughout the league, the challenge has been for the sides in the Prva HNL to produce their own stars or to unearth hidden gems from Africa or South America and that has led to a unique style of play between flair and passion.

The league acts as the main qualification process for clubs to qualify for European football including the Champions League and the Europa League and it is via the relative success of a number of Croatian clubs in those competitions, and their predecessors, that many of us are familiar with the big clubs from the country.

These famous names are also the most successful clubs with 4 of the originating teams in Croatia having never been relegation. These 4 sides are Dinamo Zagreb, Hajduk Split, Osijek and Rijeka.

The 2 teams to really dominate the league from it’s inception have been Dinamo Zagreb and Hajduk Split although it is fair to say that Dinamo have been far and above the most successful club with almost 4 times as many league wins as their biggest rivals.

It is these 2 teams who have gone onto produce many stars who have gone onto excel at the very highest level and it has been the league that has developed so many players for the Croatian national team that continues to play far above par as one of the smallest nations in Europe.

If you have seen a Croatian team play in European football and would like to watch more Croatia Prva HNL action or if you are a football fan simply wanting to watch a different style and culture of football form a league that is often overlooked, the great news is that it has never been simpler to watch Prva HNL football live online via our Prva HNL live stream partners.

How To Watch Croatian Football

If you want to watch football from Croatia, all you need to do if choose one of these PRVA HNL live stream providers.

It has never been simpler to watch football from Croatia live online.

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