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The Argentine Primera División, now known as the Superliga Argentina, is the top flight football competition in Argentina and features some iconic teams of the world football including River Plate, Boca Juniors and Newell Old Boy’s.

In 2017, the decision was taken to change the name of top flight football competition in Argentina to the Superliga Argentina, or the Argentine Super League in English, but no matter what you call it, the competition is the premier club competition in Argentina and it can be watched live online via our Argentinian football live stream partners.

TOP TEAMS: Boca Juniors | River Plate

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The Argentine Primera División features the top 20 club teams in Argentina who play home and away in a league format to determine qualification for intercontinental competitions as well as relegation to the second division in Argentina.

As the top flight of Argentine football the league also determines qualification for the Copa Liberatadores and Copa Sudamericana as well as relegation to the Primera B Nacional division.

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Argentine Primera División Live Streaming

Although the Argentine leagues feature many household names as well as a number of up and coming stars who are courted by the top European clubs, watching live Argentine Primera División in the UK can be difficult with an expensive subscription needed but thanks to the streams we feature here on that isn’t the case any more.

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If you have been searching from Argentine Primera División live stream you may have come across dodgy looking websites offering illegal streams and maybe setting off your anti-virus software.

Things here at are a bit different. All of the streams we feature are 100% Legal and 100% Safe as they are provided by leading bookmakers who have paid for the privilege to show live Argentine Primera División action in the hope that you bet whilst watching.

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To watch all of this great Argentine Primera División action all that you need is a our live streaming partners account.

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Argentine Football

Whilst it is fair to say that the Super League in Argentina isn’t the first football league that comes to mind for most fans in the UK and across Europe, it is perhaps surprising how little focus the league gets in British TV and media.

The league has produced many stars of the world game and has been a constant provider of talent for the Premier League, with many Argentine stars playing there best football in the competition.

The SuperLiga has a long and storied history and it was actually the first league to be established outside of the United Kingdom when the first championship was held way back in 1891 between teams from the powerhouses of Buenos Aires and Rosario.

The competition turned fully professional in 1931 when 18 clubs broke away from the amateur leagues to forma professional one and since the tournament has continued to be held annually although it has changed format and dates since its establishment.

When it comes to clubs in Argentinian club football, there are 2 who have dominated much of the leagues existence and who are the iconic names associated with the competition.

Those 2 teams are of course the Buenos Aires giants of River Plate and Boca Juniors, who have one of the biggest and at times most violent, rivalries of any 2 teams in world football.

The traditionally upper class fans of River Plate and the working class fans of Boca Juniors also provide an incredible and memorable atmosphere whenever the 2 sides meet and it is these games between the sides that often grab the attention of the wider footballing world.

Whilst the teams who play in the topflight of Argentina’s footballing pyramid changes from one year to the next, the majority of teams come from the big cities in the country and there are many who have spent the majority of their existence in the topflight.

Other successful teams and famous names who are regulars in the Argentine Super League include Argentinos Juniors, Banfield, Colon, Estudiantes, Gimnasia La Plata, Huracan, Independiente, Newell’s Old Boys, Racing, Rosario Central and Velez Sarsfield.

Whilst the make up of the competition is in constant flux in terms of participating clubs, players and coaches and that makes the style of play and the competitiveness of the league change from one season to the next but there are a number of staple characteristics of the league.

If you are a football fan and searching for a different style of football from what you are used to n England and across Europe, the Argentinian Super League could be the right league for you to start watching.

Whilst there are multiple players with flair and skill and whilst there are teams who like to play a passing styles, many teams in Argentina still play a much more robust style than clubs in Europe.

From big tackles, the scuffles and from hands on defending to hysterics over every decision, the Argentinian topflight is a mix of tough players making the game as tough as possible for their opponents and flair players trying to create something out of nothing.

That blend often gives great moments of action, fantastic goals and the odd moment of danger and best of all it has never been simpler to watch football from Argentina as much of the action can be watched live online via our Argentina football live streaming partners.

How To Watch Argentinian Super League

To watch the Super League from Argentina live, all that you need is a our live streaming partners account.

It has never been simpler to watch football matches from Argentina live including derby games between Boca Juniors and River Plate- one of the highlights of the footballing season.

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