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Ice Hockey is one of the quickest sports out there which guarantee’s lots of action and lots of big contact- the sport certainly isn’t for the faint hearted.

On the flip side of that is the skill and fitness needed to be able to not only ice skate to an incredibly high level of ability but also you needed to have the skill to control a puck on the ice.

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Ice Hockey Live Streaming

The sport of Ice hockey in the UK is often overlooked and although there is a league set up throughout the UK, it does offer a lower standard than leagues throughout Europe and of course the very best league in the world, the NHL.

The National Hockey league in North America features all of the world best players and a look at ach squad just shows you how good many Europeans are at ice Hockey and how much of a shame it is that the UK misses out on so much of the action.

The good news is that here at we feature live streams of many Ice Hockey leagues featuring the world’s biggest stars that can be watched via your own PC/Mac, phone or tablet.

How To Watch Live Sport

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Step 2: Click on “Live Streaming”, found at the top of the page, in the darker green area.

Step 3: Select the Sport from the “Show All Events” drop down

Step 4: Click on the text stating the fixture (on the left hand side) and the game will appear on the screen, enjoy!
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Please note: Geo-restrictions do apply, a funded account and/or bet placed 24 hours prior to game is required for access.

Available leagues includes the KHL (Kontinental Hockey League) and the NHL which both bring you high quality action.

100% Legal

All of the streams featured on our website are 100% and are 100% legal. When searching for live Ice Hockey streaming you may have come across a lot of websites offering live streaming of Ice Hockey from around the world. Unfortunately a high percentage of these website provide illegal streams that cannot only get you in trouble with the law but also they often infect your computer with a range of nasty’s including Trojans and viruses.

So how is different?

Here at we feature live Ice Hockey streams from trusted online bookmakers who have paid for the license to be able to show live Ice Hockey through their websites.

They do this in the hope you place a bet whilst watching the action but there is no requirement to do so.

What Can We Watch?

The majority of the games streamed are matches from Europe’s KHL (Kontinental Hockey League) and of course the NHL (National Hockey League).