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Ice Hockey

Watch Ice Hockey
Ice Hockey is one of the quickest sports out there which guarantee’s lots of action and lots of big contact- the sport certainly isn’t for the faint hearted.

On the flip side of that is the skill and fitness needed to be able to not only ice skate to an incredibly high level of ability but also you needed to have the skill to control a puck on the ice.

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Ice Hockey Live Streaming

The sport of Ice hockey in the UK is often overlooked and although there is a league set up throughout the UK, it does offer a lower standard than leagues throughout Europe and of course the very best league in the world, the NHL.

The National Hockey League in North America features all of the world best players and a look at each squad just shows you how good many Europeans are at ice Hockey and how much of a shame it is that the UK misses out on so much of the action.

The good news is that here at we feature live streams of many Ice Hockey leagues featuring the world’s biggest stars that can be watched via your own PC/Mac, phone or tablet.

Where Can I watch Ice Hockey Live

All of the great live streaming services listed below allow you to watch Ice Hockey from across the globe including the iconic NHL and the high quality Kontinental Hockey League


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Step 4: Click on the text stating the match (on the left hand side) and then on the play symbol to watch along live.

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Watch Ice Hockey Live

The sport of Ice Hockey is a fast paced game that features 2 teams of 6 players, both of which are trying to score a goal whilst stopping the opposition from scoring.

The sport can be a low scoring defensive masterclass or an action packed goal fest in a similar way to football and that makes it easier for new fans to understand the structure of the sport.

Usually a team will consists of 3 forwards, 2 defencemen and 1 goaltender, although if a team is losing in the latter stages of a match, the chances are that they will pull the goalie and at an extra forward.

That simple basic premise makes it an easy one for new fans to pick up and to enjoy watching but there are also lots of extra involved in the sport that makes it exciting for established fans.

The sport is hugely popular across most cold weather countries including Canada, northern parts of the United States of America, Germany, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Russia, Belarus, Croatia, Finland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Latvia, Switzerland, China and Estonia.

Throughout the majority of those countries, the sport is simply known as hockey but in countries where field hockey is also well established, such as the United Kingdom, the sport tends to go by Ice Hockey.

Outside of the countries above, the sport is seemingly good growth in new markets and there is a well-established league in the United Kingdom but due to the high costs involved in the sport (including needing a ice rink as well as a huge list of expensive equipment including; hockey pucks, sticks, skates, shin pads, should pads, gloves, helmets, elbow pads, socks, shorts, neck guard and mouthguard).

Unfortunately despite the huge popularity across the Northern Hemisphere and despite the fact that the sport has a dedicated fanbase in the UK, it can be hugely difficult and frustrating to watch Ice Hockey on British tv.

Whilst some matches are shown live, the majority are in the early hours of the morning from the NHL and even then, the chances of your favourite team been shown is slim.

Even if your team are shown and are on at a reasonable hour, the action will likely be on a pay tv sports channel that needs an expensive and ongoing subscription to be able to watch.

Thankfully, there is now a much better solution as you can pick and choose to watch as much or as little of the great Ice Hockey action from across the globe.

Our Ice Hockey live stream partners bring you great hockey action from the very top competitions to smaller ones from across Asia, North America and Europe and whilst you do need to be aged 18 or over and have a funded account to be able to watch the action, there is no need to bet.

So simply register with one of the great live streaming services from the bookies featured on this page to watch Ice Hockey live online.

Watch Ice Hockey Can I Watch?

Available leagues includes the KHL (Kontinental Hockey League) and the NHL which both bring you high quality action.

100% Legal

All of the streams featured on our website are 100% and are 100% legal. When searching for live Ice Hockey streaming you may have come across a lot of websites offering live streaming of Ice Hockey from around the world. Unfortunately a high percentage of these website provide illegal streams that cannot only get you in trouble with the law but also they often infect your computer with a range of nasty’s including Trojans and viruses.

So how is different?

Here at we feature live Ice Hockey streams from trusted online bookmakers who have paid for the license to be able to show live Ice Hockey through their websites.

They do this in the hope you place a bet whilst watching the action but there is no requirement to do so.

What Ice Hockey Can We Watch?

The majority of the games streamed are matches from Europe’s KHL (Kontinental Hockey League) and of course the NHL (National Hockey League).

Where Can I watch Ice Hockey Live

All of the great live streaming services listed below allow you to watch Ice Hockey from across the globe including the iconic NHL and the high quality European Leagues

No matter what you favourite competition is or what your favourite Ice Hockey team is, the chances are that you watch the game that you are interested in live online via the great services listed below.

If you are looking for a live Ice Hockey stream, you are in the right place.

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Stream Ice Hockey Live

The sport of Ice Hockey is one that is fast paced, action packed and great to watch live in person or on television but despite that, it can actually be a difficult experience to watch hockey live online British television.

Even though there are thousands of dedicated fans of the UK leagues and even more fans of the top competition from across the globe including the NHL, the sports leading competitions, even watching the biggest matches from that competition can be quite a difficult experience.

If you are a fan of the sport of Ice Hockey, we are not surprised that you have found your way to this page in search of a live hockey stream and the great news is that all of the fantastic live streaming services that can be found on this page allow you to pick and choose the matches that you want to watch from many of the sports leading competitions.

Stream live hockey from countries such as Sweden, Finland, Russia, the Czech Republic, China, Latvia, Slovakia, Austria, Norway, Britain and of course from across the pond in the sports heartlands of the united States and Canada via the incredible hockey live streaming services featured on this very page.

If you do decide to watch live hockey online via the ice hockey streaming services of the online bookmakers that can be seen on this page, you will need to be aged 18 and over and you will need to have a funded account but you can then watch live hockey from around the world all season long including some of the biggest matches featuring the biggest clubs and the biggest stars of the sport.


The history of Ice Hockey as the sport we know it as today has quite a muddle beginning where different people will claim it started at different times in different places.

That is probably down to the fact that the sport developed from a number of other sports that were played across the United Kingdom and Ireland including the likes of bandy, hurling, shinty and Lacrosse but the sport with the biggest influence was of course Field Hockey.

The grass version of the sport also has a confusing history as whilst it is thought to have been mentioned by the then King of England, Edward III way back in 1363, there is some doubt as to whether it was hockey, golf or croquet that was mentioned.

Across the western world there are numerous mentions of stock and ball games for 100’s of years, from England to The Netherlands and from Scandinavia to the Icelandic Sagas, sports that could easily be described as hockey are mentioned but the sports could just as easily be polo, shinty, bandy ball, hurling, IJscolf or other sports although it is quite telling that it is those same countries and regions that the sport of Ice Hockey remains amongst the most popular in the modern era.

There is an engraving that is believed to have originated in 1797 that shows people on ice skates holding a stick and seemingly hitting a bung (early form of puck) and seemingly playing an early form of the sport on a frozen River Thames in London.

The modern day sport developed in North America and thanks to the popularity of bandy, the sport took a resemblance from that sport although it was the sports of shinny and Ice Polo that the rules of sport were mostly adapted from.

With long cold winters not the norm in the United Kingdom, it is perhaps not too surprising that the sport started to developed more out of communities across the north of the United States and Canada that became home to UK expats and especially in areas with large communities of soldiers.

Whilst the sport did continue to be played in the US into the 20th century, especially in the New York state region, but it was in Canada where the game grew in popularity and started to develop into a sport with proper rules and a uniform style.

It was in the city of Montreal where the first ‘official’ rules of the sport were developed and that helped the sport to really spread its wings and with more and more teams, bigger and bigger tournaments began to be held.

By the late 1800’s, the annual Montreal winter carnival saw the biggest tournament in the sport held and it was for that tournament that the positions of the players in the sport were first given names, with left and right wing, centre, rover, point, cover point and goaltender all included.

As is the case in most sports, the Oxbridge rivals of Oxford University and Cambridge University claim to have been at the forefront in the UK but as with most things, that is thought to be a myth as it more likely that they were playing bandy at that time.

It was Lord Stanley who brought the game into prominence other here after spending some time in Canada, he showcased the new sport to the Royal Family at Buckingham Palace and with the blessing of Edward VII and George V, who both played in that game, the sport started to develop across these Iles and Europe.

That in turn saw it feature in the Winter Olympic games for the first time in the 1920’s and with the money on offer from that, players from other similar sports and especially from bandy made the switch to Ice Hockey and from there is has never looked back and remains the dominant ice sport in the world.

With a small but loyal fanbase across the United Kingdom, it is often frustrating trying to watch the sport live in the UK but thankfully you can easily stream hockey in the UK live online via the great streaming services that are found on this page.

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