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NFL Live Streaming
The National Football League (NFL) is the leading American Football league in the world. Full of glitz, glamour and a major part of American life, the NFL is making big inroads into Europe and the great news for both new and old fans of the NFL is that you can watch lots of the action live online.

The NFL season is split into 2 with 17 regular rounds taking place between September and December before the top ranked teams take place in a series of knock out play-off matches to see who will meet at the Super Bowl and who will be crowned the NFL champions.

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NFL Streaming

The good news is that there is a new way to watch 1000’s of major sporting events each and year and all from the comfort of your own pc/mac or even on your phone/tablet.


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Step 3: Find the match that is of interest to you and so long as a square with a > symbol appears, you can watch live.

Step 4: Click on the text stating the match (on the left hand side) and then on the play symbol to watch along live.

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Watch NFL Live

Consisting of 32 teams split between the National Football Conference (NFC) and the American Football Conference (AFC), the teams play 16 regular season matches with 1 bye round each. The Super Bowl features the top team in the AFC coming up against the leading side from the NFC.

The league is now one of the most popular in the world with matches played in front of huge crowds from some of the most high-tech stadiums in the world, the sport very much plays up to American base with the action on the field often falling behind that of the action off of it.

The sports support base and major player base comes from the Southern States whilst the majority of clubs come from the North East but there are teams spread right across America. Iconic teams include the Miami Dolphins, the New England Patriots, the Denver Broncos, the New York Giants, the Dallas Cowboys, the Green Bay Packers, the Seattle Seahawks and the San Francisco 49ers.

If you are a fan of the American Football and the NFL, the good news is that you can watch live NFL action online. Our partners offer great flexibility, so you only need to watch the action you want to watch. Simply choose the matches that you want to watch.

Whilst you do need to be aged 18 or over and also have a funded account, you can watch all of the great American Football action from the NFL- the leading Grid Iron competition in the world.

What Can We Watch?

The live stream services featured on this page allow you to watch action from every round of the NFL, form the regular season right through to the play-offs and of course the season ending Super Bowl.

Watch American Football Live

American Football has struggled to break out of its mostly southern US heartlands and whilst it has now established itself in a number of northern states at the NFL level, it is still in southern parts of the US such as Texas where the sport is treated almost like a religion.

The NFL is home to a number of the worlds biggest sporting brands that have broken out of the sport and that have become household names across the globe with brands such as the Buffalo Bills (from Buffalo, New York state), the Miami Dolphins (from Florida), the New England Patriots (from Foxborough, near Boston), the New York Jets (actually play in New Jersey), the Houston Texans, the Denver Broncos (from Colorado), the Dallas Cowboys (from Arlington, Texas), the New York Giants (again from new Jersey), the Chicago Bears), the Greenbay Packers (from Wisconsin), the Minnesota Vikings (from Minneapolis), the Atlanta Falcons, the San Francisco 49ers (now playing in Santa Clara) and the Seattle Seahawks.

International expansion has been a constant aim and a constant struggle and even though leagues, such as NFL Europe, have been established outside North America, it has never gained a big footing in those areas.

The area that the sport has enjoyed some success at expansion is across the northern border and into Canada where the CFL is a professional competition but this is a league that is far inferior to the NFL and it is a league that has been struggling for some time.

The CFL (Canadian Football League) also has a number of differences from the sport in the USA and whilst there have been some gimmick leagues started up, including the XFL and the Arena Football League, it is the NFL that is the dominant force in the sport of American Football.

One of the biggest issues for the sport is the prevalence of other contact sports such as Rugby League in these areas but those attempts at expansion, complete with the sports existence in American culture, has led to a small but dedicated fanbase in the United Kingdom.

Unfortunately for fans it has been an expensive and frustrating experience trying to watch live American Football from the NFL live but now the great news for all fans is that it has never been easier to watch along live.

The live streaming services featured on this very page allow you to pick and choose to watch just the action that you want to watch as if you try to watch the NFL live on British television, the chances are that you will need an expensive and ongoing subscription to a pay tv sports channel and even then the chances of the game you want to watch live been chosen for showing is slim.

Whilst the online bookmakers featured here bring you live American Football action, you do need to be aged 18 or over and have a funded account to watch or you can also watch via one of the services that bring you Sky Sports action but at a daily or monthly cost.

Choose Where to Watch American Football Live

All of the live streaming services listed below allow you to watch live American Football online.

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History of the National Football League (NFL)

As you would expect from a one of the world’s leading sporting competition and the biggest American Football league in the world, the competition has a long history full of key moments that have gone down in the record books and curiosities that have lived long in the memory.

The history of the NFL can be traced all of the way back to August 1920 when representatives of the Akron Pros, the Canton Bulldogs, the Cleveland Indians, and the Dayton Triangles when a meeting took place in Ohio where the outcome was to establish the American Professional Football Conference (APFC), with the aim of improving the standards of the sport and the professionalism of its running.

This was built upon in a second meeting held in September of the same year, when a number of more teams from other states were represented and the league was formally set up and renamed the American Professional Football Association (APFA).

Originally there were 14 teams who played in the league with the Buffalo All-Americans, the Chicago Tigers, the Columbus Panhandles and the Detroit Heralds joining the foundation clubs of the Hammond Pros, Muncie Flyers, Rochester Jefferson’s, Rock Island Independents and the Decatur Staley’s, Racine Cardinals.

From those establishing clubs, only the Decatur Staley’s (Chicago Bears) and the Chicago Cardinals (Arizona Cardinals) remain in the NFL.

In the first seaosn, there was not the same sort of clear cut structure as there is today but it was the Akron Pros who were awarded the first ever title before the Chicago Staley’s won the next year in a more structured set up based on a league format but that title win was one of the most controversial ever and is now known as the Staley Swindle.

In 1922, the APFA changed its name once again the National Football League (NFL) which has of course remained the name of the competition ever since and is now one of the most famous and valuable sporting brands in the world.

Another controversial finish to a seaosn came in 1932 when the Chicago Bears and the Portsmouth Spartans finished the league seaosn with the same record and with the team with the best winning percentage back then winning the title, another way to decide the winner was needed and a play-off game was decided upon.

The play-off match was supposed to have taken place at Wrigley Field in Chicago but couldn’t go ahead due to snow, so the match was moved to the indoors Chicago Stadium. This didn’t have a regulation sized field so the rules of the game had to be altered.

Despite the strange set up, the Bears ran out the winners and fan interest was high, which helped lead to the play-off structure that we know and love to today and off course it helped to build towards the establishment of the Super Bowl- one of the biggest single sporting matches in the world of sport.

Over the next few decades, the NFL continued to grow and continued to be the leading competition in the sport but it did face a number of competitors including the All-American Football Conference (AAFC).

It was form seeing off some of those start up league that the biggest clubs (franchises) in the NFL were established including the likes of the Los Angeles Rams (who came from the American Football League), the Cleveland Browns and San Francisco 49ers (who came the AAFC).

By the 1950’s the NFL had seen off all competitors in the US and with the only other professional league in the world been the Canadian Football League (CFL) in the Great White North, the US league had all but a monopoly on the best talent in the sport.

That was the case until the 1960’s when the biggest ever rival to the NFL came into existence as the American Football League (AFL) starting to gain a huge following and developed lucrative television contracts to help it to sign big stars and good up and coming players.

This led to a big bidding war for both the NFL and the AFL for stars and rookies so it was no real surprise to see common sense prevail and the 2 announced a merger in 1966, which came into full effect in 1970.

This was the catalyst to take the idea of a play-off game one step further with the winners of both competitions meeting in a new major final, known as the Super Bowl.

Between 1966 and 1970, before the full merger of the 2, the NFL won the first 2 Super Bowls with the AFL winning the next 2.

After the merger, the 2 competitions merged their teams and split into 2 conferences, the National Football Conference (NFC) and the American Football Conference (AFC).

Each of these new conferences were split into 3 divisions and as team were added very the years, more changes to the structure was made with the last big change coming into 2002, as the league expanded to 32 teams with the play-offs been expanded in 2020.

Although there have been tweaks to the setup, changes to the clubs and new locations added, it was that set up developed in 1970 that has remained the set up of the NFL and the leading league structure in the world of Grid Iron / American Football.

In the current set up both the AFC and the NFC conferences are split into 4 divisions; East, North, South, and West although as you expect from a country the size of the United States of America, some of the clubs in a divisions are located relatively close to each other whilst some are split far apart.

Arguably the biggest split is for the Miami Dolphins, who play in a division featuring 3 other teams based in the North East. The most ‘local’ division is the NFC East, where the 4 clubs are all based within a relatively short drive of each other which helps that division has some of the most furious atmospheres and biggest rivalries.

The franchise base of the sport does of course mean that the locations of the clubs is somewhat fluid, with the clubs having no loyalty to their home location and to their fans but only to a state or city that will pay them the most to play there.

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