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Snooker has undergone a number of changes recently and whilst not all of the changes have proved popular with fans or players it has led to there been many more tournaments and therefore many more matches.

With so many great matches now taking place at tournaments that are hard or impossible to find on British tv and even if they are shown you need an expensive subscription to a pay tv channel, the good news for all Snooker fans is that you can now watch all of the great action from across the UK, Europe and China live online via the great Snooker live stream services listed on this page.

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Snooker Live Streaming

A large number of these tournaments take place in countries with limited interest in the sport and in small arena which makes it all but impossible for TV stations to cover the action to any decent level but thanks to the wonders of the internet you can watch live Snooker action from just about every tournament live via live streaming!

How To Watch Live Snooker

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Step 2: Click on “Live Streaming”, found at the top of the page, in the darker green area.

Step 3: Select Snooker from the “Show All Events” drop down

Step 4: Click on the text stating the match (on the left hand side) and the game will appear on the screen, enjoy!
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Please note: Geo-restrictions do apply, a funded account and/or bet placed 24 hours prior to game is required for access.

Watch Snooker

Watching Snooker has been easier with the vast majority of tournament live streamed online via our Snooker live stream partners.

Where Can I Watch Live Snooker?

Here are our recommended choices for watching live Snooker. Each of these websites offer Snooker live streams.

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What Can We Watch?

The majority of snooker matches are available to watch live online including the major tournaments and with all matches available to watch from many tournaments, if your favourites aren’t available to watch on TV, you can fire up your computer, phone or tablet and can watch all of the action live via on of our live streaming feeds.

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Snooker Live Stream

Finding a live Snooker stream has never been easier and their is no need to risk your online safety.

100% Legal

With more snooker action available online than ever you may have come across a number of websites that offer live streaming of snooker matches but do so via illegal streams of subscription channels and you may have noticed that many of these websites also but lots of nasty’s onto your computer.

These sort of major streaming feeds are illegal and can be dangerous for your computer.

So how is different?

Here at we feature live Snooker streams from trusted online bookmakers who have secured the rights to show live snooker action via live streams.

They do this in the hope you place a bet whilst watching the action but there is no requirement to do so.

Snooker can trace it’s roots al of the way back to Etawah in India during the late 1800’s when the sport was originated by British army officers.

The game was built on the then popular sport of billiards, with Sir Neville Chamberlain creating a new set of rules that combined both pyramid and life pool whilst stationed in Ooty. The word snooker was already in use by army personal with it’s original meaning of an inexperienced or new recruit somehow been passed onto the fledgling sport we all love today.

From their the game grew back in the UK, with the rules revised and cemented by the then World Professional Billiards and Snooker Association (WPBASA) before the governing body of the World Snooker Associated took over and developed the sport into what we have today.

The pinnacle of the sport is the World Snooker Championship, held at the Crucible in Sheffield, with the first event taking place way back in 1927. Even back to the very early days the sport has seemingly always had one player who has been the dominant force in any given era with Joe Davis winning 15 titles between 1927-1946.

In the 60’s the sport was revolutionised by television as the BBC began to show live matches from the World Championships as well as the new Pot Black.

This gave the sport a huge rise in popularity with many lifelong fans created that are still watching the action live today. In this new era of the late 1960’s-1970’s it was Ray Reardon who dominated before the 1980’s saw the emergence of Steve Davis.

Stephen Hendry took over the mantle as the world greatest player in the 1990’s before the baton was handed to Ronnie O’Sullivan.

In many ways the sport is in need of a new player to come along and take Snooker to the next level but in many ways the sport’s success has stopped that as there is so much strength in depth that it seems impossible any one player will dominate once again.

Snooker has players from many countries playing now, although the traditional base of the UK and Ireland still represent the greatest number of tour players. Over the last decade or so the sport has developed a huge following in China with many Chinese players now competing at the very highest level of the sport.

Snooker is a sport that still relies on tradition a lot, form the outfits the players where to the fact the players still show great sportsmanship whilst out on the table, including often having to call fouls on themselves if something is missed by the referee.

Despite the vast amount of money on offer at the biggest events, that makes the sport special in many people’s eyes.

Snooker is also a sport where it is much about the mental battle as it is about the actual ability and quality of the player as unlike the majority of sports, if your opponent is at the table and playing well there is literally nothing you can do as you have to simply sit there and watch.

Often you can go for an hour or 2 without even potting a ball whilst your opponent picks up frame after frame and it is only the mental strength that can carry a player through to a comeback and to success.

It is that that makes Snooker a sport that you simply must watch live. Although the highlights give the best shots and moments of excitement, it is the ups and downs that takes place through each game where the interest can often lie.

To see a player struggle, re-group and come back against all of the odds over hours and hours of play can make for one of the greatest moments in sport and that is why watching Snooker live on tv or via our Snooker live streaming partners is simply a must.

It has never been easier to watch Snooker live as each and every match from every tournament is now shown via our live Snooker streaming partners.

Where Can I Watch Snooker Live Streams?

Here are our recommended choices for watching live Snooker. Each of our snooker live stream partners offer Snooker live streaming.

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