Barcelona v Real Madrid Live Streaming

Barcelona Live Streaming
Match: Barcelona v Real Madrid
Location: Barcelona
Stadium: Camp Nou (Nou Camp)
Competition: La Liga
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Real Madrid Live Streaming

Barcelona v Real Madrid Live Streaming

Watch all of the action from Barcelona v Real Madrid as they go head to head in El Clasico from La Liga with the whole match available to watch live online via our live streaming partners.

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Barcelona v Real Madrid

There are some matches that stand out in every football season, those matches that when fixtures lists are announced are the first game you look for and whilst each team has a match or 2 like that, some matches are ones that fans of all clubs look for.

One such game that fans across the globe look out for is the matchup given the title of simply El Clasico.

Whenever FC Barcelona take on their arch-rivals of Real Madrid the footballing world stands still to come together to watch live and now you can join them as it has never been simpler to watch Barca v Real Madrid.

These 2 giants of not only the Spanish game but of the European game feature star studded line ups of superstar players from across the globe and with millions and millions of fans watching from all over, these games are matches that the players love to perform in, love to show their worth and love to enhance their superstar status.

Of course whist the rivalry between these 2 sides are massive from a footballing point of view, as you would expect from 2 teams who are constantly battling each other for titles and trophies in Spain but the rivalry goes much deeper than that.

Real are a representative of the Spanish capital city and of the Spanish establishment whilst Barca are of course a representative of Catalonia.

You only need a passing interest in world politics to know the issues between those 2 waring factions at the moment, so whilst it didn’t seem possible, EL Clasico matches have become even more important over the last decade or so.

With so much on the line in terms of footballing matters and local pride, the winner of these games are often the set of players who can handle the pressure and handle the expectation on them as whilst the teams tend to be evenly matched, both sets of fans expect nothing but a win from their team.


The Estadio Santiago Bernabeu plays host to this match up and what a setting it is for one of, if not the, biggest football matches in the world at club level.

With a packed house of 80,000 fans in attendance and with the atmosphere red hot from the opening minute to the final whistle, El Clasico brings the best (and sometimes worst) out of both sets of fans, all of which jut adds to the occasion.

Why You Should Watch

El Clasico is one of the standout matches of the football season so no matter if you are a fan of either team or a fan of your local semi-pro team, you will know just what makes this such as stand out game.

Both teams are full of quality, both clubs have a massive rivalry and more often than not these matches have a huge say on the success or failure of both teams seasons.

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