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Darts Live Streaming

In recent years Darts has enjoyed a renaissance is support across the UK and is now becoming popular in Europe and other areas of the world where you may never have expected the sport to be popular just a few years ago.

Much of this has been due to changes made in the PDC (Professional Darts Corporation) who made changes to not only how the game is staged (it’s now played in big arenas with Vegas style lights) but the professionalism of the players themselves.

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All of these changes have made the game much more watchable but it has also seen the sport not only move to subscription TV but also to venues around the world that cannot be watched on your TV.

Darts Live Streaming

The good news is that here at we feature live streams of most PDC Darts tournaments featuring the world’s biggest stars that can be watched via your own PC/Mac, phone, tablet and connected tv’s.

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On the face of it Darts is a simple sport that has a humble background as been a game played in pubs up and down England but at the professional level it becomes a complex battle between 2 combatants in an almost pantomime setting.

At its most basic level, the sport is a battle between 2 players who each take it turn to throw small missiles at a numbered board. With 3 goes each before their opponent gets a go, the winner is the player who get to zero the quickest, of course finishing on a double or a bullseye.

Of course whilst that may sound simple, it takes years of dedication and lots of skill but it also makes for a sport that perhaps is not the most exciting to watch.

Where the excitement does come from and where the sport managers to attract so many fans is the theatrics that comes form the head to head battle between the combatants.

Whilst some other sports, such as tennis, also feature players going up against each other head to head, few feature players standing just feet away from each other and with matches taking up to an hour and with the players almost on display on a stage in front of an often drunk crowd, the players and their interaction becomes a whole new sport within itself.

Despite been a sport that is becoming more and more popular across Britain, it can be difficult for fans to watch the action and that is especially true if you do not want to be stuck with an expensive and ongoing subscription to a pay tv sports channels.

With Darts only shown live on British tv for the biggest events, you will often be paying for when the sport is not even taking place but thankfully now there is a much better option.

No matter if you are a fan of Darts for the skill and expertise of the players or the dramatics and pantomime nature of the events happening at the oche, the great news is that it has never been easier to watch it live online and now you can simply pick and choose to watch just the action that you want to watch.

From day passes to live streaming services to online bookmakers that allow you to watch along live (so long as you have a funded account and are aged 18 or over) and best of all, when using one of the fantastic Darts live stream services that feature on this very page, you can pick and choose to watch just the action that you want to watch.

With a growing number of events and tournaments been played across the globe, there is both more to watch for fans of the sport and less to watch as many of these newer events are not shown liv eon British television but thankfully thanks to the live streaming services featured here, you can now watch live events from across the globe easier than ever before.

100% Legal

All of the streams featured on our website are 100% and are 100% legal. Most live sports streaming websites out there simply stream footage from TV channels, this is not only illegal but to make money many of these sites install viruses and other nasties on your device.

So how is different?

Here at we feature live Darts streams from trusted online live streaming websites who have paid for the license to be able to show live Darts through their websites.

What Can We Watch?

Currently there is a large number of PDC tournaments and qualifying that can be enjoyed.

How Can We Watch Darts Live Online?

To watch all of this great action all that you need is a our live streaming partners account.

Simply choose one of the great services below that allow you to watch live Darts from tournaments across the globe.

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Stream Darts Live

No matter if you call the sport arrows, throwers, tungsten or dartsmith or if you are a fan of the PDC (Professional Darts Corporation) or the BDO (British Darts Organisation) or any other company promoting the sports of Darts, the chances are that you will be able to watch their events and tournaments live online and thankfully it has never been easier.

No longer do you need to search the internet for a live stream only to come across a dodgy looking website that infects your computer with malware, viruses and other nasties, now you can simply register with the legitimate live streaming services featured on this page who bring you completely legal live streams of Darts.

No matter if you want to watch the World Championship, the Darts Premier League or a small regional event happening at the other side of the world, the chances are that our partners will bring you the action live and that you can watch the action via your phone, tablet, computer or laptop.

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