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Baseball Live Streaming
Baseball is a game which has many similarities to cricket in that you have a pitcher (bowler) throwing a ball towards a batter in the hope of getting them out but the sport of baseball is much more dynamic and for many is a much more exciting spectacle.

Hugely popular in North America where the MLB is a major sport, it is also popular in Japan, South Korea and throughout Central America. Baseball is making great strides in popularity in Europe and has a small but dedicated fans base right here in the UK.

Baseball Live Streaming


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For many years, Major League baseball from North America was available to watch on terrestrial TV until it only became available to watch via expensive subscription to pay TV channels but now thanks to and our live streaming partners, you can watch live MLB action online.

Major League Baseball is home to some of the world’s biggest sporting superstars, huge stadiums which are full for each and every match and also the vast majority of the world’s leading baseball teams with the New York Yankees, Boston Red Sox and LA Dodgers iconic sport names not just in baseball circles.

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If you have been looking for streams of baseball and MLB action in particular online you are sure to come across so websites that simply shows direct streams of pay TV changes, these are 100% illegal and in the majority unsafe as to make money, thy often install a whole host of nasty’s on to your computer, mobile or tablet.

So how is different?

Here at, all of the streams of major baseball we features are 100% safe and 100% legal.

We feature details of major sporting action available to watch on the websites of bookmakers who allow you to stream matches live.

What Can We Watch?

The great news for all baseball fans is that you can watch great live baseball action from across the globe including from top leagues including Major League Baseball (MLB), the KBO from South Korea and also the NPB from Japan.

Watch Baseball Live

On the face of it, Baseball is a simple port where one team tries to stop the other from scoring whilst the other team try to score as many as possible. That dynamic changes in every innings but whilst the objective of running the bases is certainty always the aim of every player, there is so much more to the sport and that is why so many millions of sporting fans love the sport of baseball.

Much as in the same way as Cricket, the sport of Baseball comes down to tactics and the battle of wits as the pitcher tries to outsmart and out play the batter whilst the batter is trying to do just the same to the pitcher.

That battle adds a singular player versus player element to what is a team sport but even that battle is much more involved than the players with the ball or the bat.

The catcher, standing behind the batter gives signs t the pitcher and tries to tell him the type of ball and location of the pitch whilst the batter is using signs from the other players to second guess where the ball will be.

A lot of research goes into knowing the type of throws a pitcher likes to use and when which makes each and every at bat just a like a penalty shootout in football.

Whilst there are small changes to the sport depending on where it is been played, as its basic level the sport see’s 2 teams with nine members a side playing 9 innings which are split into 2 ‘halves- one featuring one team battling and one fielding, with the team swapping when one team sees 3 of it’s players get out (either with 3 strikes against, run out at a base or caught out).

The main aim is to make it around the 4 bases to get home, for every player you get home you get one run. The team with the most runs at the end of the 9 innings are the team that wins.

With a relatively simple base, the sport is easy to pick up and it is one of those sports that the more you watch and the more you understand, the better the sport is.

Unfortunately, Baseball is still a sport that is overlooked by many in the United Kingdom and across Europe and that is probably a big part of why the sport can be so difficult for us to watch live on tv.

Even if a sport channel choses a match to show, it will likely not be the game that you want to watch and even if you look out an the exact game that you want to watch is actually been shown on television, it will be on a channel that needs an expensive and ongoing subscription.

Thankfully, there is now another option that allows you to watch lots of matches from across the globe including all matches from the sports top league, the MLB.

By registering with the live streaming services featured on this page you can pick and choose to watch the matches that you want to watch and whilst there is a requirement that you are aged 18 or over and that you have a funded account, there is no requirement t be ton the action and you can watch as much or as little as you want including the likes of the Boston Red Sox, the New York Yankees and the LA Dodgers.

How Can We Watch Live Baseball?

Simply register with one of our Baseball live streaming partners to watch matches from across the globe including the USA, Canada, Japan and South Korea.

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Stream Baseball Live

If you are a fan of Baseball, you will know just how frustrating it can be for fans across the United Kingdom to watch live action from the sports leading leagues and competitions.

Even if you are in the fortunate enough position to have an expensive and ongoing subscription to a pay tv station that features the sport, only a select number of matches are shown live and the chances are that only matches from the Major League Baseball (MLB) competition in North America will be featured and only the top teams from that sport are regularly shown.

Thankfully, it is now easy to watch the action that you want to watch from across the world as lots of great action can be streamed live online via our Baseball streaming partners.

Stream Baseball easily and safely via the great live stream providers found on this page and whilst you will need to be aged 18 or over and have a funded account to be able to stream baseball via the online bookmakers that we feature, you can then watch live from across the world all season long.


If you were to ask many fans of Baseball or just sporting fans in general to name where the sport originates from, the vast majority would say North America or the USA and whilst America has certainty taken the sport and turned it into the version of the sport love around the world by million of fans, the sport actually has strong historical links to England and Canada.

Whilst the actual origins of the sport are murky and undocumented in some ways, it is thought by historians that it developed in England out of the sports of stoolball and tut-ball.

Stoolball, originated in Sussex in South East England, was a sport that can be traced back to milk farming communities in the region where milkmaids used milking stools as ‘wickets’ and a milk bowl as a bat.

From the there the sport spread from region to region, which everybody taking up the game adding their own twist on the sport to where regional variants across England have been thought to have led to a number of new sports including cricket and rounders, with the sport of rounders often thought of as the predecessor to what we now know as Baseball.

The first reference to the sport of Baseball to use that name is in a 1744 publication called A Little Pretty Pocket-Book, written by John Newbery.

The first recorded game of ‘Bass-Ball’, as it was originally known, took place in 1749 in Surrey and featured the Prince of Wales as a player.

From there, the game spread across the Atlantic to Canada, where it is believed early immigrants took the sport with them from these shores.

From there, the sport continued to developed towards the modern day version and by the 1830’sa variety of the sport that could be recognised as Baseball was being played across North America, with the first officially recorded game been played in Beachville, Ontario, Canada in June 1838.

In 1845, Alexander Cartwright, a member of the Knickerbocker club in New York, created the codification of the sport which became known as the Knickerbocker rules which in many ways simply developed the rules written in 1837 by William R Wheaton of the Gotham Club.

The first recognised and recorded game of the sport to be played in the United States to place in June 1846 in Hoboken, New Jersey when the New York Nine defeated the Knickerbockers by 23-1 in a game that lasted just 4 innings.

From there the sport has continued to develop from those early rules and is now played around the world, both on a professional level and an amateur level, with many international competitions between countries.

As you would lily expect, the first professional league was established in the USA which came around after the sport became hugely popular in the New York area.

As the media hub of the US, the press started to dub it the ‘National Pastime’ and the ‘National Game’ despite only been played in a relatively small area to any sort of decent level.

To help expand the sport, the first ever governing body were formed as the National Association of Base Ball Players, with the sports first properly structure league, the National League, was formed in 1876. The American League grew out of smaller western based competitions in 1893 by which point the majority of modern day Baseball rules were in place and used.

The sport remained a North American one mainly until World War 1 and World War 2, when US soldiers spread the sport across the world although matches had taken place in Mexico as early as 1847, although that was also US soldiers based in Veracruz.

Another early adopted of the sport was Cuba who established their first competition in 1878, with the Dominican Republic starting up an island wide tournament in 1912.

Other early adopters of the sport were The Netherlands (1922), Australia (1934), Japan (1936), Mexico (1937) and Puerto Rico (1938).

The modern version of the sport does also have a long history on these shores, although it has not been a continuous history or a particular wide spread one but the first ever national champions were crowned in 1890 when Aston Villa wee crowned the first ever champions of Great Britain by winning the National League of Baseball of Great Britain.

The sport has enjoyed global recognition as part of the Olympic Games on a number of occasions and has shown the global spread of the sport in the World Baseball Classic which is major international competition played between all of the leading nations.

That has helped to develop fans across the globe including over here on the British Isles but despite that, it can be difficult to watch the matches that you want to watch live on British television but thankfully it has now never been easier and safer to watch the sport live online, which can be done by any of the great live streaming services that are featured on this page.

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