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Basketball Live Streaming
Basketball is a sport full of action and in the NBA (National Basketball Association) is home to a number of the world’s most famous sports stars but whilst the sport is often thought of as just a North American sport, Basketball is currently enjoying huge success across Europe and thanks to some on the road games, Basketball’s popularity is starting to grow here in the UK.
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Basketball Live Streaming


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Step 3: Find the match that is of interest to you and so long as a square with a > symbol appears, you can watch live.

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Unfortunately to be able to watch live basketball action from the world’s leading competitions you either had to fly there in person or take up a large subscription for Pay TV channels but now thanks to the internet and you can watch live basketball action via live streaming.

The good news is that here at we feature live streams of most NBA matches featuring the world’s biggest stars, and matches from other top Basketball league that can be watched via your own PC/Mac, phone or tablet.

Where can I watch live Basketball

The good news is that it has never been easily and safer to watch live Basketball online with all of these great live streaming websites offering Basketball live.

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100% Legal

All of the streams featured on our website are 100% and are 100% legal. The majority of other live streaming websites send to illegal streams that can infect your computer with a number of nasty’s including computer viruses.

So how is different?

Here at we feature live Basketball streams from trusted online bookmakers who have paid for the license to be able to show live Basketball through their websites.

They do this in the hope you place a bet whilst watching the action but there is no requirement to do so.

What Can We Watch?

There is a huge selection of major Basketball that can be watch via including the British Basketball League Championship (BBL), Korean Men’s Basketball League, Euroleague, Argentinean Basketball, NBL, GER Basketball Bundesliga and of course the NBA.

Watch Basketball

Basketball is played on a relatively small court and with no contact allowed between the players, the action is fast paced and the matches high scoring.

That, when coupled with the great skill and athletic ability of the top players, makes for an exciting sport that is a great watch and no matter if you are a big fan of the sport or new to it, watching top Basketball matches is a great occasion and the great news for all sport fans is that you can watch live Basketball from accords the globe live online via our Basketball live streaming partners.

Almost every fan knows that basics of Basketball; it is a team sport played between 5 players on 2 opposing sides with aim of getting a Basketball through a hoop. If you score from near the net, it is worth 2 points and if you score form outside the 3 point line, it is worth 3 points.

If you are fouled, you get to take a free through worth 1 point and it is the team who score the most points at the end of 4 quarters of play.

Whilst that sounds simple, there are a lot of intracity of the sport that makes it fascinating to watch for those well versed in what to look out for but of course the relatively simple nature of the sport makes it easy to pick up for those new to it and easy to enjoy for those dipping in and out of watching.

Stream Basketball Live

The sport of Basketball is one based on action as defence often goes out of the window as each team try’s to out score the other and with only 30 seconds to try and score the action is fast and relentless.

With that in mind it is no surprise that the sport has so many fans and thanks to the relatively simple nature of the sport- i.e. get the ball through the hoops and get points – it is a sport that is quickly growing and quickly moving into markets that have often overlooked what has been for so long thought of as a North American sport.

The sport has now not only found a place for itself throughout Europe but it is thriving in many areas and whilst in Britain it is still a sport that is finding it’s place it does have a dedicated following that go to local British Basketball matches and who follow the league major competition, the NBA (National Basketball Association).

Despite all of that, it can still be hugely frustrating to watch the sport of Basketball in the UK as whilst some matches are shown, the chances are that the action will be from the NBA and it will likely not be the game that you are interested in.

When you add in the fact that you will also more than likely need an expensive and ongoing subscription to a pay tv sports channels and you will find yourself looking for a better solution.

Thankfully by visiting us here, you have found just that.

The Basketball live stream services featured on this very page allow you to pick and choose the matches that you want to watch from top Basketball league across North America, Europe, Asia and even British Basketball.

You will need to be aged 18 or over and have a funded account but despite that, it is well worth it in our opinion and is almost a must for any fan of the great sport of Basketball- or B-Ball.

Where Can I watch Basketball live?

The good news is that it has never been easily and safer to watch live Basketball online with all of these great live streaming websites offering Basketball live.

Choose form any of the great live streaming services below to watch great Basketball action including from competitions including the NBA, the British Basketball League (BBL), EuroLeague and elseware.

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The history of Basketball is a long and fascinating one that can be dated al of the way back to 1891, when Canadian James Naismith, who was a professor of physical education developed the sport as a way to keep his gym class active on rainy days in New England where he worked.

After trying a number of other sports and activities but deeming them to be too vigorous or rough, he came up with what is in essence, simple idea of a game where you pass a ball before putting into a basket mounted on a wall.

It is incredible to think that originally, the baskets used in the spot were peach basket complete with their bottoms intact so that every time a team score, somebody had to climb some ladders to retrieve the ball.

In those early days, the ball itself was simply a football (soccer ball) but that proved to be another problem as the laces of early football caused uneven bounces but thankfully a lace free new style basketball was soon invented and the bottom of baskets were taken out as the game started to develop and become much closer to the sport that is loved around the world by millions of fans to this very day.

One of the first big changes to the way the sport as played was the change to allow dribbling as originally only passing the ball was allowed, similarly to Netball, although ‘bounce passes’ were alive.

The peach baskets used in the early days lasted until 1906 when metal hoops and backboards were used but these were originally added to the mezzanine level of sports centres but that led to supporters interfering with shots.

The name ‘Basketball’ is believed to have been created by Frank Mahan, an early player of the sport, who in 1892 asked Naismith what he was to call the new game he invented but after replying that he hadn’t thought of a name yet, Mahon replied with ‘Naismith Ball’, which was quickly rebuffed, before stating ‘why not call it Basketball.

The first official game of Basketball took place at the YMCA gymnasium in the city of Albany in New York state in January 1892 with 9 players participating. The game ended 1 nil, as a point was awarded every time somebody got the ball in the basket, which h only happened on 1 occasion.

From there the sport quickly grew in North America throughout YMCA’s and then through colleges before the professionalism of the sport turned into one of the biggest sports in North America.

By the 1930’s the sport had started to go international and in 1932 FIBA was first established at the international Basketball Federation by the 8 founding nations of Argentina, Czechoslovakia, Greece, Latvia, Portugal, Romania and Switzerland.

That helped the sport move into world prominence, as it featured at the 1936 Summer Olympics in Berlin. The United States won that first gold medal and have been the dominant force ever since although the sports leading competition, the NBA, is now featuring more and more players from across the globe and the gap is certainly closing.

In 1950, the first ever world championship was held in Argentina and soon after the sports first ever world championship for women was held in a side of the sport that is now amongst the fastest growing.

Stream Basketball Live Online

If you do decide to watch Basketball live via one of the incredible live streaming services that we feature on this page, you cannot only watch many of the sports greatest stars and most iconic clubs but you can pick and choose to watch the action that you want to watch.

For far too long it has been too difficult to watch live Basketball on British television as even if you have an ongoing and seemingly ever increasing subscription to pay tv sports channel that bring you live action from tournaments and leagues across the world, the chances are that you will suffer the frustration of missing gout on hatching your favourite team or on the match up that you were most looking forward to watching as only a select number of matches are chosen for live coverage.

If you decide to watch Basketball online via one of the basketball streaming services of the online bookmakers that we feature, you will need to be aged 18 or over and have a funded account but you can then pick and choose to watch the action that you want to watch from top competitions across the globe.

Stream Basketball live online from competition including the National Basketball League (NBA), Euroleague and the British Basketball League (BBL) and watch teams such as the Boston Celtics, the New York Knicks, the Golden State Warriors, the LA Lakers and the Orlando Magic live from the USA or Barcelona, Real Madrid, CSKA or Fenerbahce from Europe.

It has never been safer or easier to watch the wonderful sport of Basketball live in the united Kingdom.

For far too long the sport as often been overlooked by the media and even by sports television stations that only show the biggest games from the NBA at best and almost use it as a filler due to the time zone differences allowing live Basketball to be shown when there is not much other live sport available in the same time spot.

That is despite the sport having a dedicated fanbase throughout the United Kingdom and despite the sport even having its own professional league in this country.

All fans will know just how difficult it can be to keep up to date with live action from across the UK, Europe, and North America but now you can watch easily via the live streaming services that we feature that allow you to watch from home on your pc or mac or from anywhere with an internet connection on your laptop, tablet, or mobile device.

Basically if you have a connected device, you can watch along live and never miss a Basketball game that you want to watch from the leagues that are streamed via our partners.

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