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French Open

French Open Live Streaming
Founded: 1891
Location: Paris, French
Venue: Stade Roland Garros
Surface: Clay
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French Open Live Streaming

The French Open is 1 of Tennis’ Grand Slam Tournaments and is the only on to be played on Clay which helps create a unique setting for the tournament and often leads to a different style of play used by the players and with a number of players still specialising on the surface, the French Open can still provide plenty of shocks.


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Roland Garros Live

Also known Roland Garros (officially: Les internationaux de France de Tennis, Roland Garros; also called Tournoi de Roland-Garros) after the venue in the suburbs of Paris that hosts the tournament, the French Open is the culmination of the spring clay court season with the players instantly switching to grass tournaments after the event in the build up to Wimbledon.

It is often said that due to the French Open been played on the slowest surface of all of the major and the fact that the matches don’t have a tiebreak in the final set, the French Open is the most physically demanding of all of the tournaments so fitness and getting through the early rounds as quickly as possible is a must for those wanting to advance to the second week of the tournament.

Unfortunately for those of us in the UK only a small number of matches are shown on TV but thanks to the internet you can now watch each and every game live from the French Open.

Our French Open tennis live streaming partners bring you all of the action live. All you need to do is check the fixtures and times and then plan your day of major tennis watching from the French Open.

Either select your favourite players, the most evenly match up matches or choose from one of the stadiums to have a day of high quality tennis from the Roland Garros complex on the outskirts of Paris.

The French Open is the biggest clay court tournament on the calendar and with such little action taking place on clay nowadays, it proves to be a real test of the skill of all of the players and that can lead to some big shocks.

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French Open Live

The French Open is the leading Clay Court Tennis tournament in the world which makes it a must watch event. With so many tournament held on similar surfaces now a days the change for the world’s top stars to Clay can cause numerous upsets and shocks, especially in the early rounds.

It also allows for players who have grown up playing on clay courts and who developed their skills on clay to show their worth.

It’s no surprise to see a player such as Rafa Nadal dominate the French Open over the last decade or so as the star grew up playing on the clay courts of Majorca.

Partisan Crowd

The crowd at the French Open can also add to the overall theatre of matches as they go from not been there in the early round and at the start of big matches to deciding upon a player to back and then booing the opponent. In many ways matches played at the French Open can seem like pantomimes and whilst a crowd shouldn’t be able to affect the top players, the fact is it does and that can also make for some surprise results.

Limited Coverage

It can be difficult to watch action from the French Open live, with only a limited amount of matches featured on TV in the UK. At least that used to be the case as you can now watch just about every match live from the French Open online, from men’s to women’s matches and it is not only the matches on the main show courts that are shown, matches from outside courts can be watch live online.

The action at Roland Garros is always a must watch spectacle so it may seem surprising how little the tournament gets featured on UK television. Thankfully for all tennis fans your watch the French Open live via our Roland Garros Live streaming partners. Watch live French Open tennis from Paris online and choose the match you watch to watch at the Roland Garros complex.

Either choose your favourite players, the best match up of the day or simply choose to watch the chosen games for the big stadiums at Roland Garros. No matter what you want to watch at the French Open, you can watch all of the action live from the French Open tennis tournament online.

It has never been easier to watch all of the action live from the French Open tennis tournament from Roland Garros as all of the live streaming service s on this page bring you all of the action live.

The online bookmakers bring you live tennis from across the globe and whilst you do need to be aged 18 or over and have a funded account to be able to watch, there is no need to bet on the action.


The history of the French Open is a long and storied one that can be dated all of the way back to 1891 when a national tournament for players registered to French clubs was established under the name of Championnat de France (referred to in English as the French Championships) whilst the tournament is now known officially as Les Internationaux de France de Tennis (French Internationals of Tennis in English).

Early Winners

Interestingly, the first ever winner of the event was actual a Briton, Mr H Briggs, who was living in the French capital of Paris at the time and registered to a local club there.

Unlike some events around the world, it didn’t take long for an women’s event to be established when in 1897, 4 women competed for the title.

The no matter if you know it by its official name or its more widely used English language name, many simply know the tournament as Roland Garros after the World War 1 aviator, but that hasn’t always been the case.

Nomadic Existance

For the first few decades, the French Championships was held in 4 locations starting at the Societe de Sport de I’lle de Puteaux in the Paris suburb of Puteaux.

The action was held there on the banks of the River Seine in 1891, 1893, 1894 (men’s), 1895 (women’s), 1897 (women’s), 1902 (women’s and mixed doubles) and 1907(men’s and women’s).

The 2nd venue to host the action early on was the Croix-Catelan, which was part of the Racing Club de France in the Bois de Boulogne district of Paris, and held action in 1892, 1894 (men’s doubles), 1895 (men’s doubles), 1897 (women’s singles), 1901 (men’s doubles), 1903 (men’s doubles and mixed doubles), 1904, 1907 (men’s doubles), 1908, 1910-1914 and the 1920-24 editions.

The 3rd venue to be sued during the same period was the Tennis Club de Paris in the Auteuil district of Paris which hosted action in 1896, 1897 (men’s singles), 1898-1900, 1901 (men’s and women’s singles), 1902 (men’s singles), 1903 (men’s and women’s singles), 1905 (men’s singles) and 1906.

The final venue was much further afield as it was the Societe Athletique de la Villa Primrose in the city of Bordeaux that hosted the event in 1909, where the action took place on Clay courts as a sign to come instead of the mostly grass or even sands courts used in Paris.

The first big change to the tournament came in 1925 when the French Championships opened up to amateurs from across the world after it gained the designation of been a Major Championship by the International Lawn Tennis Federation.

At the same time, the tournament moved to the Stade Francais in the Parisian commune of Saint-Cloud where a previous tournament known as the World Hard Court Championships had taken place and some people regard that event as the precursor of the modern era French Open, as that event was an international one from the off.

That tournament stated in 1912 and ran until 1923, with it been held in Brussels in 1922 and featured big name winners such as Tony Wilding of New Zealand and Bill Tilden of the USA.

Roland Garros

After the side representing France in the 1927 Davis Cup in America and with the success of the sport at the 1924 Olympic Games held in Paris, the decision was made to open a new Tennis Stadium to defend their Davis Cup and that new tennis centre would become known as the Stade de Roland Garros and from then the tournament has been held in the Porte d’Auteuil district of Paris.

Early French Success

As mentioned above, the first winner of the French Open was H. Briggs of these shores all of the way back in 1891 but it took until 1933 for the next non-French winner of the event when Jack Crawford of Australia picked up the title against home favourite, Henri Cochet.

Global Stars

That started a long run of foreign winners at the event including winners from Germany, the USA and Fred Perry of Britain in the run up to World War 2.

After the war, the international flavour to title winners on the men’s side of the draw continued with winners from Hungary, the USA, Australia, Sweden, Italy, Egypt and Spain all enjoying success before it was a host of Australians who began to dominate things in the 1960’s.

Winners from Down Under during that decade included the iconic Rod Laver, Roy Emerson, Fred Stolle, Tony Roche and Ken Rosewall.

European Dominance

The 1970’s saw players from across Europe start to dominate thigs with a whole host of winners from countries such as the Czech Republic, Spain, Romania, Italy and Sweden winning before the next French champion which came in 1983 when Yannick Noah ended a 5 year winning run for Swedish stars including 4 straight wins by Bjorn Borg.

Nadal Dominates

The 1990’s saw a mix of European and US stars dominate but from the mid 2000’s to the early 2020, the tournament has belonged to one man and one man only and that superstar is Rafael Nadal who won 13 of 16 editions of the French pen between 2015 and 2020 with Novak Djokovic becoming the man to end a 4 edition winning run in the 2021 season.

Women’s Event

On the women’s side of the draw, it is a similar start to the tournament as it was French women who won the first 25 editions of the event with Adine Masson winning the first 3 editions.

Suzanne Lenglen, for whom a main court is now named after at Roland Garros, enjoyed a winning run of 4 straight wins and 6 wins from 7 editions between 1920-1926 and it was in that latter edition that French dominance ended as a mixture of European and American winners took over.

Early British Success

The first British winner came in 1933 when Margaret Scriven Vivian defeated home favourite Simonne Mathieu before going on to win the 1934 edition as well.

In the post war era, it was US women who dominated until the early 1960’s although there was some British success during that era as well with wins for Angela Mortimer (in 1955), Shirley Bloomer (in 1957), Christine Truman (in 1959) and Ann Haydon (in 1961) all bringing the trophy back across the channel.

US and Aus Dominance

The 1960’s and 70’s saw players from the USA and Australia dominate before American stars took over fully in the 1980’s.

As was the case on the men’s side of the event, the 1990’s saw European stars dominate with Monica Seles and Steffi Graf winning 9 editions between them.

21st Century

Since then, it has been a global affair with lots of champions from across Europe as well as China, Russia, Australia, and the USA.

Unlike the men’s side of the tournament that has seen 1 players dominate much of the last 2 decades, the women’s side has been much more open with no repeat winners between 2014-2021.

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