Austrian Bundesliga

Austrian Bundesliga Live Streaming

The Austrian Bundesliga is the topflight football competition in Austria and whilst it may not be as famous as it German namesake, the Bundesliga features high quality action, great rivalries and decent crowds.

If you are wanting to watch football from Austria, you are in the right place. Out partners bring you all of the action live from the Austrian Bundesliga.

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Austrian Bundesliga Live Streaming

Watching live Austrian Bundesliga action here in the UK can often seem an impossible task but thanks to the internet that needn’t be the case any longer.

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Austrian Football

Better known as Österreichische Fußball-Bundesliga to locals the Austrian Bundesliga first began is the 1974-75 season and broke away to become a standalone association in 1991.

The big teams from the Austrian capital of Vienna have enjoyed the most success over the years with both Austria Wien and Rapid Wien been amongst the most successful Austrian teams.

As the top flight of football in Austria, the Austrian Bundesliga also determines who qualifies for European football action including the Champions league and the Europa Cup.

Bundesliga 2

The Austrian Football First League or as it most commonly known as for British fans as the Austrian Bundesliga 2, is as you would expect the 2nd division in the Austrian footballing pyramid and similar to our Championship division, it has all of the excitement of teams both trying to gain promotion and avoid relegation.

The Austrian Football First League varies in terms of the sizes and ability of the teams and players participating as the league acts as the stepping stone between the fully professional and big name teams of the Bundesliga and the see-pro teams of the regional leagues in Austria.

The league sees many big name teams dropping down and having to visit teams fighting for their professional status with small compact grounds.

That gives almost FA Cup style matches each and every round of the Austrian Football First League which makes the Austrian Bundesliga 2 all the more exciting.

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Watch Football from Austria

The Austrian Bundesliga has gone from strength to strength recently and with teams from the country’s topflight competition starting to show better form in European competitions, there has been an increased focus on the competition and that has led to new eyes wanting to watch football from Austria live.

Just like the majority of sporting league across the globe and especially in European footballing leagues, the Bundesliga in Austria has a mix of big city clubs and smaller community style clubs that perhaps are punching above there weight and that has of course led to some teams becoming the giants of Austrian game.

Big city clubs including the likes of Austria Wien (from the Austrian capital city of Vienna), Rapid Wien (Vienna), Red Bull Salzburg (Salzburg) and Sturm Graz (Graz) have become the dominant side sin the competition and it is these teams that many of us know thanks to their exploits in European competitions including the Europa League and the Champions League.

Austrian football has a reputation for the passion of their fans and whilst that can sometimes go to far, it does lead to great atmospheres in the majority of matches and especially on derby days.

There are a number of stadiums in the competition that have become synonymous with great atmospheres including the Gerhard-Hanappi-Stadion (home to Rapid Wien), the UPC-Arena (home to Sturm Graz), the Generali Arena (home to Austria Vienna) and the new and impressive Red Bull Arena (home to Red Bull Salzburg).

In a similar way to London clubs been the dominant teams in English football, it is the Viennese teams that have dominating for much of the Bundesliga’s existence with 11 teams based in the Austrian capital having won the title in Austria and winning more than 5 times as many titles as teams from any other town or city.

In recent years there has been a levelling off of where teams challenging for the title come from due to newfound investment in Salzburg, from the Red Bull company but the former powerhouse city of Innsbruck has struggled to produce teams good enough to even participate in the topflight, never mind challenge for honours.

Austrian football finds itself in a tricky position of having the ability to sign decent players who are perhaps coming towards the end of their careers or youngsters with great potential. There are also numerous players who come from the academy’s of the teams who go onto enjoy success on the international stage or who become good professionals but the biggest issue for teams in the Austrian Bundesliga is keeping hold of players.

With star players appearing to come from nowhere after coming up from reserve teams and youth teams and with top players making there mark only to move on, it does make for a very fluid competition and that helps to create unpredictability.

Any competition that is unpredictable is an exciting one and for many fans that includes football from Austria.

If you are wanting to watch Austrian football, you are in the right place. We bring you all of the bet Austrian football live stream providers.