Andy Murray

Name: Sir Andrew Barron Murray
Nationality: British
Place of Birth: Glasgow, Scotland, UK
Date of Birth: 15th May 1987
Plays: Right-Handed
Turned Pro: 2005
Live Streaming Availability: All Matches
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All of the fantastic online bookmakers below allow you to watch each and every match featuring Andy Murray live online via their fantastic live streaming services. You must be 18 or over to watch and have a funded account.

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Andy Murray Tennis Live

There is nothing quite like watching live tennis action and if you are a fan of Andy Murray there nothing quite like watching Andy compete.

Andy Murray has long reigned as the British number 1 but he is also one of the worlds best tennis stars who is always in with a chance every tournament he participates in.

The ATP men’s tour takes in tournaments all around the world on an almost weekly basis but unfortunately for tennis fan and especially for fans of Andy Murray, if the tournament is not one of the 4 Majors or held in the UK, it can be almost impossible to watch the action live unless you have an expensive subscription to a pay TV channel.

At least that used to be a case before you visited Our partners at our live streaming partners show 100’s of Andy Murray matches each and every season and 1000’s upon 1000’s of tennis matches.

No matter if Andy is playing at Wimbledon, the French Open, the Australian or the US Open or an event in Europe, Asia or America the chances are it will be live on our live streaming partners.

How To Watch

To watch any of Andy Murray matches a you need to do is register with our live streaming partners and you can watch all of the action live via there excellent live streaming service.

Online bookmakers offer the opportunity to watch live sport online in the hope that you place a bet on the action whilst watching it. Whilst betting on the action can add an extra interest for many, there is no requirement to bet on the action to watch live Andy Murray matches.

A funded account is required, to help with age and identification verification, but so long as you have money in your account, you can watch live tennis.

Is It Legal and Safe?

Although many live streaming websites features illegal streams that simply steal from TV channels and often infect your computer with a Trojans and viruses, here at we only feature Andy Murray streams from legal sources which are completely safe to use.

Don’t worry though; all of the feeds we feature are 100% safe and 100% legal.

our live streaming partners have the rights to show all of the action from Andy Murray matches in the hope that if you watch the action you place a bet and whilst that does add some excitement to the action, it is not a must.

Watch Andy Murray

Andy Murray has suffered recently with injury’s and loss of form but there can be no denying the incredible talent of Scottish superstar.

Famed for always giving 100% and for his incredible intensity out on the court, Andy Murray has changed from a young player struggling with cramps and to play for 3 sets to becoming one of the fittest players on the ATP Tour and a player who only becomes more dangerous as a games go on.

Whilst many top players are the ones who play on the front foot and who take the game to their opponent, Andy Murray has excelled at playing a defensive game who sticks to the baseline.

That is not to say that he has to quality to ‘out play’ his opponents as he often keeps himself in a game, waiting for his chance and then users his incredible talent to pick the right shot and win the point.

From passing shots from the baseline, to delicate chips shots to huge serves and incredible control of spin on both the forehand and the backhand, Andy Murray t his best is an icon of the spot and is one of the greatest layers to have ever played tennis.

We are fortunately that Murray is not only a player within our life time but that he was at his best at the same time as Novak Djokovic, Rafa Nadal and Roger Federer. At no other time in the history of tennis has their been 4 players of such quality and who have dominated the sport and it is testament to Andy Murray that he was able to not only win multiple titles during this era but that he also won Grand Slams and also became the number 1 ranked player on the men’s ATP Tour.

From a British point of view we are also fortunate that he dedicated himself to the Davis Cup and almost single handily brought the British team up from playing in front of small crowds against unheard of players to winning the whole event.

Whilst injuries have hit him hard over the past few years and the fact that he is getting on in years, in tennis terms, Andy Murray is still a must watch players and thanks to our live streaming partners, you can do just that.

From the 4 Grand Slams (US Open, Australian Open, French Open and Wimbledon) to Masters level events and lower ranking tournaments across the globe, if Andy Murray is playing a match anywhere on the ATP Tour, you can watch it live online via our tennis live streaming partners.

Watch Andy Murray Matches Live

To watch Andy Murray all you have to do is select one of our tennis live streaming partners, register (and have a funded account if you register with an online bookmaker and be aged 18 or over) and then choose the match you want to watch.

All of these live streaming services offer you the opportunity to watch Andy Murray matches live online

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if you are looking for Andy Murray match live streaming, you’re in the right place. No matter if you are looking for Andy Murray on tv or a match that isn’t televised, you can watch all of the action live online via our Andy Murray live streaming partners. Watch Andy Murray live with our Andy Murray live tennis streaming partners.