AS Roma

AS Roma Live Streaming
Name: AS Roma
Full Name: Associazione Sportiva Roma
Founded: 7 June 1927
City: Rome
Stadium: Stadio Olimpico
Capacity: 70,634
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AS Roma Live Streaming

Associazione Sportiva Roma, known more commonly as AS Roma or simply as Roma, are an Italian football club based in the Italian capital of Rome.

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Ever since their formation in 1927 after a merger of 3 local clubs, Roma have enjoyed numerous years of success that has helped them build up one of the largest and most passionate fanbases in Italy.

Roma have won the Serie A title, the Coppa Italia, the Supercoppa Italiana and have enjoyed success in Europe including the Inter City Fairs Cup.

Roma play their home matches at the Stadio Olimpico in Rome, a venue they share with their city rivals Lazio so it is no surprise that the clubs biggest rivalry is with Lazio. Matches between the 2 giants of Italian football are known as the Derby della Capitale and is known as one of the most heated derbies in Italian football.

Roma’s playing colours of imperial purple with a golden yellow trim is a representation of the traditional colours of Rome and was the colours of Roman Football Club- one of the original 3 teams that merged to form AS Roma.

The club have numerous nicknames with I lupi (the Wolves) arguably the most popular especially with a Wolf always featuring on the clubs badge.

Roma have had some iconic players play for them throughout the years with Cafu, Aldair, Vincenzo Montella and Vincent Candela all instantly recognisable from there days playing with the club but in truth there is only one icon of Roma and that is the talismanic Francesco Totti.

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Roma are one of the top teams in Italy and they have not only enjoyed years of success domestically but they have also enjoyed success continentally and that coupled with their iconic playing strip has made them instantly recognisable.

The club main colour of imperial purple (also known as Tyrian purple, Tryrian red, Phoenician purple, royal purple, imperial purple or imperial dye), is a reddish purple bordering on maroon which is finish off with a golden trim to represent the traditional colours of the Italian capital city of Rome.

Roma were first established in 1927 where 3 local clubs merged together to create what could be classed as a ‘Super League’. One of these teams were known as Roman Football Club and the current club took over the playing colours from that club.

It is from those playing colours that the clubs main nickname of I Giallorossi (meaning yellow-reds) comes from.

The club also go by the nickname of I Lupi (The Wolves) which is an animal that has appeared on the many club badges that Roma have had throughout there history and still appears today.

The current badge features a female wolf with two infant brothers named Romulus and Remus which is a illustration of the founding of Rome.
The club play there home grounds at the Stadio Olimpico, which is an iconic sporting venue not just for football but also for Athletics- where it has held numerous important events including Diamond League meeting and World Championships.

In footballing terms the ground is hugely important in Italy as it hosts the Italian Cup Final as well as been home to both AS Roma and SS Lazio.

Capable of holding over 70,000 fans, the ground is often too big for both Roma and Lazio and that can see the great atmosphere provided by their fans disappear into the section of empty seats and of course with a running track around the field, the fans are somewhat distant from the action.

That does go out of the window however on derby day for whenever Roma meet Lazio, the ground is full, the atmosphere is red hot and the match is a one of those must watch games for football fans no matter if you are an Italian football fan or not.

There are plans for the cub to move to a brand new 50,000+ stadium but that has been hit by delay after delay.

Matches between Roma and Lazio are given the title of Derby della Capitale and it is amongst the most heated and intense rivalries in European football but the club do have a number of rivalries with other teams in Italy, as you would expect not only form a top club in the country but one from the capital city.

Another strong rivalry for Roma fans is in matches against Napoli where matches between the 2 are known as the Derby del Sole, meaning Derby of the Sun and they also have a rivalry with the giants of Juventus, due to battling it out over titles and trophies in the 1980s.

Lesser rivalries are held against the Milanese due of AC Milan and Inter Milan as it is with those 2 that the club have enjoyed many battle over the last couple of decades for top 4 finishes in the league.

Roma have won all that there is to win when it comes to domestic titles and trophies in Italy including numerous Serie A victories, a solitary Serie B victory, numerous Coppa Italia wins and victories also in the final of the Supercoppa Italiana.

As one of the giants of the Italian game it is surprising how relatively little success AS Roma have had in European action but they have still picked up the Inter-Cities Fairs Cup in the 1960-61 season.

Down the years the club have featured many stars of not just the Italian game but also of the world game including the likes of Cafu, Aldair, Falcao, Bruno Conti, Vincenzo Montella, Carlo Ancelotti, Rudi Voller, Vincent Candela, Damiono Tommasi, Gabriel Batistuta and Franceso Totti amongst others.

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You can watch each and every AS Roma match live from Serie A.

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