NRL Live Streaming
The NRL is arguably the biggest and best Rugby League competition in the world, of either code, so it is no surprise that is has such a huge following not only in the Southern Hemisphere but also over here in Europe and the UK.

Unfortunately without an expensive subscription to pay TV channels it used to be difficult to watch the action form both Australia and New Zealand but now thanks to the internets and our live streaming partners’s live streaming console you can watch every televised match from the NRL 100% live and 100% legally.
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NRL Live Streaming

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The NRL is home to the most iconic Rugby League teams in the world including the Brisbane Broncos, Melbourne Storm and South Sydney Rabbitohs.

With regular season games having attendances in the 40,000-50,000 mark and a with every game shown live on Australian Television stations, it’s no surprise that the NRL showcases so many superstars of Rugby including all of the Australian national team and the vast majority of major nations including New Zealand, Samoa, Tonga, Fiji and many Papua New Guineans.

The NRL (or National Rugby League or even the Telstra Premiership as it is known for due to commercial reasons) features teams from Victoria, South Wales and Brisbane in Australia and well as the New Zealand Warriors from New Zealand.

In recent seasons the top teams in the NRL have been recruiting England and France internationals including the likes of Sam Burgess, Goerge Burgess, John Bateman, James Graham and Sam Tomkins, so it is no surprise to see so many Super League starting to watch the NRL and become fans of the clubs featuring their favourite home-grown players.

If you have never watched the NRL or are new to it you are in for a treat as you can watch every televised NRL game live online via our live streaming partners.

NRL Quiz

NRL Quiz

100% Legal

Our Rugby League live streaming is 100% legal so if you have already tried to watch Rugby League online and have visited some of the web’s dodgiest sites or didn’t feel comfortable on a website asking for information for you to install a programme, don’t panic, your worries are over.

Those types of sites will 99 times out of 100 be delivery illegal streams which are not only bad from an ethical point of view but more often than not can damage your computer and put your online safety at risk.

Here at, we partner with websites who are 100% and offer only 100% legal Rugby League live streams.

So how is different?

We feature the schedules for Rugby League live streaming from some of the country’s leading online bookmakers. These companies have signed agreements to show live Rugby League action on their websites in the hope that you will place a bet on the action. There is no requirement to do so but you do need to register.

All of the websites we feature are 100% safe and show only 100% legal live Rugby League streaming.

What Can You Watch?

All of the top action from the NRL is available to watch! Yes, that’s right. Every televised game is available to watch live via our online streaming partners.

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How Can You Watch?

To watch all of this great action all that you need is select from one of the following live streaming services.

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Watch NRL Rugby Live

The NRL is arguably the leading Rugby competition of either code. It features internationals from just about every country, matches play in huge, modern stadium and in front of massive crowds.

The players are treated like celebrities and feature on not just Rugby League tv programmes and the sport pages or newspapers but they are household names.

Then there is the incredible tv contract the league gets with 100’s of millions of pounds pumped into the sport. That makes the players wealthy and means there is a huge budget for not just the big teams but also for the smaller one.

All of that draws a lot of similarities with the Premier League in football but there is one big difference that makes the NRL a much better competition and much more exciting to watch.

Whereas in the Premier League the big teams get richer and richer and the smaller teams, who also get more cash each year of course, have to keep paying over the odds for players who now the money on offer in the league. That see’s teams towards the bottom full of average players on big wages that nobody else will take leading to a number of distinctly average teams.

In the NRL there is a salary cap which means that each team can only spend the same amount of money on players no matter if they are at the top or at the bottom. With so much money coming to all of the teams from TV, even the bottom teams can attract quality players as the only way to get a big payday is to move to a team with salary cap space.

With so much talent spread around all of the teams in the league it means every game is unpredictable and even if you a support a team that finishes dead last one year, there is no reason why they cannot go on an win the whole competition the next- just ask fans of the Cronulla Sharks.

The other good news for fans is that with so much money pumped into the league, the TV companies want to earn lots of ad revenue and subscriptions and that means that each and every match from the NRL that is televised is available to watch via out live streaming partners.

The NRL matches streamed online feature full commentary, in English and you can watch everything from round 1 through to the play offs and even the NRL Grand Final.

Over the past decade or so and thanks in no small part to the huge impact of players such as Adrian Morley, the NRL has constantly looked to the Super League for talent and that has led to many English internationals heading over there.

Nowadays just about every team has at least 1 English player and that has also helped to increase the level of interest in the NRL amongst British based fans.

If you are new to watching the NRL we recommend visiting the popular NRL Betting Portal at RLBet where you can get previews and prediction of each and every NRL match.

The great news is that you can also watch each and every televised match live from the NRL so if you are new you will soon be up with which are the top teams, who are the must watch players and just why it is that the NRL is such a popular sporting league.

Our NRL Live Stream partners make it simple, cheap and most importantly safe to watch the NRL live online. It used to be almost impossible to watch the NRL live but now thanks to live streaming NRL services, it has never been easier.

If you are a Rugby fan, of either code, you will surly want to watch NRL Rugby live and now with our NRL live streaming partners you can all of the biggest and best matches from the NRL season including the NRL Grand Final.